Five Uses of Solar Energy

Five Uses of Solar Energy

The sun can be said the heart of the Earth. It is the source of all life on Earth, and solar energy is useful to us in many different ways. The sun creates two main types of energy – light and heat – that we can harness for many activities ranging from photosynthesis in plants to creating electricity with photovoltaic (PV) cells to heating water and food. So, what are some uses of solar energy? Let’s explore five common uses and benefits of sunlight in our daily lives with Solarparts.

Solar electricity

 As solar panel costs decline and more people become aware of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, solar electricity is becoming increasingly accessible. From mobile phones and tablet charging to household solar power supply system, applying solar energy to generate electricity is becoming more and more popular. Solarparts solar panel series featured with various specifications, can meet different charging needs of customers. For example, Roicht@-IN Series integrated solar charger, equipped with different specifications, range from 5W,10W to 100W, to meet different charging needs. The backboard of the panel equipped with USB port, which can directly charging your cell phone, tablet and other mobile devices. 

Roicht@-IN Series integrated solar charger

A distributed solar PV system is typically installed on the rooftops of homes or businesses. These solar power systems generate electricity to offset the property owner’s usage and send any excess production to the electric grid. A solar battery can connect to your solar power system to enable you to use solar after the sun goes down, power an EV overnight, or provide backup power during emergencies. Some homeowners may choose to install off-grid solar system. 

off-grid solar system

Solar heating

In Winter, some areas in northern China often use traditional energy such as coal for heating, which produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and aggravates the degree of atmospheric pollution. However, with the advent of the solar energy era, using solar energy for heating has obviously become the general trend. Typical uses of solar space heating systems include powering radiant floors or pairing with a Forced Hot Air (FHA) system to heat a home. Passive solar home design can also heat homes and businesses in the winter by taking into consideration the placement of windows and the selection of materials used in the building. And you even don`t worry about whether the solar panel can withstand the hash winter.

Solar ventilation

The biggest effect of solar ventilation may be reflected in summer. Such as solar attic fans can reduce the burden of your HVAC by helping to cool your home during the summer. This may be a good option if you are not able to install a solar PV system that offsets your home’s entire electricity use. Commercial and industrial applications of solar process heat include solar ventilation technologies that can preheat a building’s air in cold climates, reducing energy costs.

Solar lighting

Solar lights have become ubiquitous and can be found everywhere from home landscaping and security lights to road signs and street lights. In particular, solar street lamps appear on almost all roads, large and small. The solar energy during the day is stored by the battery and converted into electric energy by the inverter for lighting at night.

Solar lighting

Solar transportation

Solar cars are another technological development of solar energy. Solar cells directly convert solar energy into electric energy to provide power for car engines. Most commonly used in solar RVIn fact, the application of solar RV has been very common abroad. For large RV, solar panels can be permanently fixed on the roof, and mounting brackets can be added to manually adjust the angle to obtain the best power generation efficiency. In addition, you can also carry portable solar panels or integrated solar folding bags for outdoor charging. 

Roicht@_GL Series Foldable high efficiency solar panel kit

Solar-powered future

Renewable energy is already becoming a more familiar part of our lives, and innovation will continue to drive new applications of solar energy technologies that will improve our daily lives and help power a cleaner world. Solarparts will continue to adhere to the company philosophy “absorbing the sunshine, focusing the energy and return the earth a green place.” And how many more uses of solar energy will there be in the future? We are excited to find out!  

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