European organizations publish EU heat pump acceleration plan

European organizations publish EU heat pump acceleration plan

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More than 20 companies, governments, and nongovernmental organizations have presented EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson with a roadmap for the European heat pump sector, including recommended solutions to overcome barriers to growth.

The European Heat Pump Association and the European Climate Foundation have published an EU heat pump accelerator plan, in collaboration with 23 organizations. The document highlights the barriers to reaching 60 million installed heat pumps by 2030, according to REPower EU targets.

“The EU heat pump accelerator aims to overcome these barriers and create an improved framework for the accelerated deployment of heat pumps in line with the EU’s climate and energy security objectives,” the document reads.

The barriers include upfront and operational costs, lack of consumer information, supply chain bottlenecks, installer shortage, and inadequate power sector and energy system integration. The document noted that while at least 60% of heat pump manufacturing happens in Europe, the industry still relies heavily on non-European manufacturers for critical components like compressors.

The proposed solutions include making clean heating the standard by ending the sale of standalone fossil fuel boilers via Ecodesign, supporting European industry leadership, integrating energy systems with flexible heat pumps, facilitating consumer information and affordability through measures like 0% VAT and lower taxation on electricity, and developing the necessary skills and workforce.

“Europe is closing the door on fossil fuels and getting renewable on the path to net zero,” said Thomas Nowak, secretary general of the European Heat Pump Association. “Heat pumps are now recognized as having a crucial role, as shown by the wide range of contributors to this Heat Pump Accelerator. We thank the European Commission for receiving the Accelerator and urge it to take heed of its recommendations. Above all, the sector needs a clear signal from policymakers of their long-term support.”

A number of organizations have contributed to the initiative, including Agora Energiewende, Daikin Europe, Danfoss, the Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS), EIT InnoEnergy, and the European Partnership for Energy and the Environment (EPEE).

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