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E-bike “Where to Live” under Lithium Battery Hazard

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With the rapid development of social economy, the accompanying road traffic congestion occurs from time to time, which seriously affects the commuting degree of office workers. Electric bicycles have gained so much popularity in recent years. They are green, energy-saving, flexible and suitable for daily travel to work. Since its launch, the market has continued to increase, and the number of e-bikes on the street has increased at a visible rate. Although electric bicycles do not need fuel to drive, they can run normally on the road only by timely charging, but also exposed many problems, such as random parking, irregular charging and so on, which need to be solved urgently.

There are not a few fires caused by the charging of lithium batteries of electric bicycles. Especially in some residential areas, electric bicycles are placed at random and charged privately in corridors or stairways. Overcharge, short circuit or other temperature reasons often lead to the ignition and spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries, which leads to fires and unnecessary life safety and economic and property losses.                         

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The property management and neighborhood committee of the community have also noticed this problem and have tried to solve it. After many attempts, outdoor parking sheds have emerged with charging piles, which can not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also safely charge the electricity, so as to achieve the standardized management of community governance. These are the results of coordinated handling by the residents of the community, and the results are very satisfactory! The only deficiency is that there are many residents in the community, and the electricity consumption is large. The power supply of the parking shed is a problem. In order not to occupy the normal household power supply in the community, we have to find another way to replace it.

Solar energy, as a clean and environmentally friendly new energy, has long been mature in research and development technology and has been put into social use. As one of many solar panels, monocrystalline silicon solar flexible panel is carefully developed and built by SOLARPARTS, which has strong flexibility and can withstand bending to a certain extent; It has excellent performance under low-light environment. Adopting Monocrystalline silicon high-quality cell to give its high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good heat dissipation and weather resistance. It is also featured with lightweight and slim makes it easy to carry.

It can be said that it is better to match the parking shed in the community. The surface of the parking shed can be designed into a curved surface to facilitate the drainage of rainwater and the installation of solar panels. As long as the series integrated solar panels on the surface of the parking shed are connected with the charging pile, the power supply can be continuously supplied to ensure the daily charging demand of electric bicycles.                         

solar bycicle

As the power supply for the parking shed in the community, I believe there is no better solution than this. Through one-time investment, it can not only free us from maintenance and save charging costs, but reduce carbon emissions and encourage green travel. This is the expected effect of the parking shed equipped with solar panels, making life beautiful for green and low carbon. Isn't this what we are pursuing? Please contact us now!

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