Roicht@_IN Series

Roicht@_IN Series

Roicht@_IN Series 

Solarparts@_Flexible Series solar panel is especially suitable for installation and use in places with a certain arc on the surface. Constructed with top-grade, light-weight polymer materials.This bendable solar panel is thin and lightweight, easy to transport and remove.

Glass-free Solar Panel ( Mono solar cells )

① High light transmittance,high charging efficiency,good weather resistance.It can be installed on the surface of the yacht arbitrarily,RVs and roofs.
② Corrosion resistance, the Junction box has IP67 protection.

③ It can resist power loss due to bending and squeezing. The panel will not easily be damaged even if walked on.

④ The panels are good weather-resistant and have excellent outdoor performance and longevity.

Roicht@_IN Series

Roicht@_IN Series is an innovative glass-free solar module. It adopts SP highest-efficiency solar cells and top-grade, light-weight polymer materials. It can deliver the most power and highest charging efficiency in their product class.

According to the size of the flexible solar panels, they are packaged with TPT/PET/ETFE, EVA, and other materials with excellent weather resistance. They are matched with sealed junction boxes, photovoltaic special cables, and connectors. We customize the shape and size and achieve custom design and production.



Roicht@_IN Series( Roicht series)


Image Product Name Model Cells Efficiency Surface material Dimension (MM) Solar cell Weight Warranty
100W ETFE Integrated solar charger  205030040 22% ETFE 540x404x35 Mono cell 5KG 3 year
200W ETFE Integrated solar charger 205030047 22% ETFE 665X614X35 Mono cell 9KG 3 year
28W ETFE Integrated solar charger 205030030 22% ETFE 805X300X15 Mono cell 1KG 3 year
14W ETFE Integrated solar charger 205030032 22% ETFE 400X300X14 Mono cell 0.5KG 3 year


Roicht@_IN Series can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions. Applied to Golf cars, Yachts, Boats, RVs,Caravans, Electric vehicles, Travel tourism cars, Patrol cars, roofs, camping, roof power generation, tents, ships,etc.



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