Hoymiles Launches World-First Microinverter Installation Solution, Cuts Time by 70%

Hoymiles Launches World-First Microinverter Installation Solution, Cuts Time by 70%

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Hoymiles Launches World-First Microinverter Installation Solution, Cuts Time by 70%


Leading smart energy provider and microinverter manufacturer Hoymiles is set to launch the innovative HMS Cable System installation solution for multi-microinverter and single-microinverter PV systems, cutting installation time by 70%.


Drawing inspiration from modular concepts such as LEGO bricks, Hoymiles engineers are setting a new industry standard that simplifies the installation process, improves flexibility, lowers costs, and makes building solar systems a more enjoyable experience.

What is the new installation solution?


The Hoymiles installation solution features two sets of accessories specifically designed for PV systems using Hoymiles HMS series of microinverters: one tailored for systems using multiple microinverters and the other for smaller systems utilizing a single microinverter.


HMS Trunk Connectors:

Composed of a set of accessories for connecting multiple microinverters in a system, this solution includes a new trunk connector, an extension cable connector, a disconnect tool, and more. With these ready-made components, customers will spend significantly less time setting up their microinverter system.

HMS Field connector:

Designed for single-microinverter systems in residential applications, this solution enables users to directly connect the microinverter to the AC cable to complete the grid connection. This minimizes installation effort and reduces costs.

Why has Hoymiles launched the new installation solution?

Cost and time are top of the list for users and solar installers(along with anyone else working in the solar business). Traditional setups generally require extensive manual disconnecting, stripping, and wiring; this is what virtually all systems need. Hoymiles aims to rework the traditional installation method to lower technical barriers and improve the customer experience, in order to make PV installations effortless.

“Oftentimes, innovation is not only about rolling out completely new concepts or technologies, but also about retrofitting and iterating current solutions to make things simpler for customers,” says Hoymiles Product Director Steven Zhang. “Our new accessories will greatly simplify the installation process, meaning that installers can get more systems done and homeowners can also try out installing their systems themselves because our plug-and-play doesn’t require much technical effort.”

What sets the solution and accessories apart?

Hoymiles’ brand-new installation solution outperforms traditional solutions in several key areas. These innovations ultimately translate into lower costs, less installation time, and higher installation quality.

  • True plug-and-play

The accessories minimize complex processing and manual wiring, eliminating problems caused by incorrect wiring and ultimately improving installation quality. Furthermore, the new solution doesn’t distinguish between male and female connectors, preventing connector mix-ups. This genuine plug-and-play design saves 70% on installation time.

  • Ultimate flexibility

The accessories can be used right away, with minimal preparation and wiring, ensuring quality control from the outset. Hoymiles also offers different sizes of ready-made cables, allowing customers to mix and match components according to project requirements and reduce material costs.

  • Designed for compatibility

The new accessories are perfectly compatible with the current HMS series of single-phase microinverters, so customers don’t need to worry about compatibility issues.

  • Easy system design

With fewer accessories in the package compared with traditional connection options, customers only need to perform simple calculations for their projects and system designs, reducing material waste.

  • Unbeatable reliability

Designed to operate within an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, the accessories can handle higher currents when the PV system is in use. And the leading IP68 rating highlights that there is full protection against solids and water, even in harsh weather conditions like storms.

By introducing this new installation solution to the market, Hoymiles further lowers technical barriers for solar installation. Users will not only save significant time when setting up their solar systems but will also find the installation process interesting, engaging, and fun.

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