First practical test for wireless EV charging while driving

First practical test for wireless EV charging while driving

First practical test for wireless EV charging while driving

In Balingen, a dynamic wireless charging technology for electric vehicles will be undergoing practical testing for the first time in Germany. The process is called Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT). The first use of the pilot project is the shuttle bus for a local horticultural show. It will charge its vehicle battery while driving.

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The project partners: Electreon Germany, EnBW and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), together with the Balingen public utility company, want to use the DWPT technology in Balingen under real conditions and prove its practical suitability. The entire project is sponsored by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is called ELINA (Einsatz dynamischer Ladeinfrastruktur im ÖPNV).

400-metre test track with magnetic coils under the roadway

The route of the horticultural show shuttle bus leads from the car park on the exhibition grounds to the Stadthalle bus stop. The dynamic charging process will take place on a section about 400 metres long. Here, the magnetic coils are placed under the roadway. When the bus approaches this point, high-frequency magnetic fields are generated there.

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These induce an electric current in receiver coils on the floor of the bus, which is used to charge the battery. Inductive stops are then also planned at the final stops Stadthalle and Messegelände. In a second stage, those responsible for the project want to equip further routes with magnetic coils in the Heimlichenwasen and in front of the Lauwasen school, and also set up another inductive stop at the bus depot, thus extending the project to regular service. (mfo)

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