Badenova builds cycle path with solar roofing in Freiburg

Badenova builds cycle path with solar roofing in Freiburg

Badenova builds cycle path with solar roofing in Freiburg

The pilot project shows that photovoltaics not only have a place on the roof, but also on traffic areas. The cycle path is within sight of the SC stadium, on whose roof a solar system was also installed. The city of Freiburg developed the project idea of the solar cycle path and has now implemented it. Especially in urban areas, where land is scarce and expensive, it is important to find intelligent and creative solutions to achieve the expansion goals of the city of Freiburg.

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Until now, the high costs for the supporting structures of the modules have stood in the way of their use, as up to now one-offs had to be made. The aim of the pilot project was therefore to develop a standard support system. This is then to be used at other locations at lower cost. This development work was carried out by the company Clickcon from Freiburg. The tenant of the system is Fraunhofer ISE.

More than 912 glass-glass modules overhead

Construction of the 300 m long solar cycle path began with the start of the winter break in the German football league. "A total of 912 solar modules lie on 38 roof segments held up by a galvanised steel structure," explains Badenova manager Klaus Preiser. After all, the solar plant has an output of 282.7 kilowatt peak and will generate about 280,000 kilowatt hours per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity needs of more than 180 people.

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The modules are from Solarwatt. They are glass-glass modules with aluminium frames. For use as a regulated building product, which may be used without restriction in private and public areas, the modules have a general building approval (abZ) from the German Institute for Building Technology. (nhp)

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