About solar water heaters

Solar water heaters convert solar energy to heat, heating water from low temperatures to high temperatures to meet people's use of hot water in their lives and production.Solar water heaters are divided into vacuum tube solar water heaters and vacuum tube solar water heaters according to the structure, and vacuum tube solar water heaters are dominated by 95% market share.Vacuum tube type of household solar water heater is made up of thermal collectors, storage tank and the support of related accessories, rely mainly on area.the convert solar energy to heat, thermal collectors by using the principle of hot rise cold water sink, make water circulation and the hot water required.

Solar energy, in fact, is divided into two types: photothermal and photoelectric.


Solar Energy, usually Solar Energy, Solar Energy is a kind of renewable Energy, the Solar Energy in the broad sense is the earth

Different brands of solar water heaters

Many sources of energy, such as wind energy, biomass energy, tidal energy, water potential, etc.The basic ways of solar energy can be divided into four categories: light - thermal utilization, optical - electricity utilization, light - chemical utilization, light - biological use.In the four types of solar energy utilization, the technology of light-heat transfer is the most mature, the product is the most, and the cost is relatively low.For example: solar water heater, water heater, dryer, solar oven, solar greenhouse, solar room, solar water desalination plant, solar heating and refrigeration, etc.Solar thermal power generation is more efficient than photovoltaic power generation, but it is not widely used.In the photothermal transformation, the application of solar water heater is the most widely used, the most mature and economical.

Solar energy utilization


Photothermal utilization: it is a collection of solar radiation that can be harnessed to heat energy through interactions with matter.At present, the most used solar collectors include plate collector, vacuum tube collector and focused collector.Solar power: the large-scale use of future solar energy is used to generate electricity.There are two main ways to generate electricity from solar power:

Light - heat - electricity conversion.It USES the heat generated by solar radiation to generate electricity.It is generally used to convert heat energy absorbed by a solar collector into a working steam, which is then driven by a steam turbine to generate electricity.The previous process is a light-heat transfer, and the latter process is a thermoelectric conversion.

Light - electrical conversion.The basic idea is to convert the sun's radiant energy directly into electricity using the photovoltaic effect, and its basic devices are solar cells.

Photochemical utilization: this is a photochemical conversion method that USES solar radiation to directly break down water hydrogen.

Photobiological utilization: the process of transforming solar energy into a biological process by photosynthesis of plants.There are fast-growing plants (such as firewood forests), oil crops and giant algae.

The working principle of

Sunshine through the first layer of the heat pipe according to the second glass of black heat absorption layer, the heat of the sun's light energy absorption, because is sandwiched between two layers of glass vacuum heat insulation, heat cannot gaiden, can only be passed on to the inside of the glass tube of water, the water of the glass tube heating, heating water and light along the glass tube heating surface upwards into the heat preservation water tank, relatively low temperature water in the bucket of backlight surface along the tube into the glass tube, so cycle, the heat preservation water tank in the water heating, thus achieve the goal of hot water.

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