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Necessary Tips for Installing Household Photovoltaic

The scale development of household photovoltaic has become a trend. In 2020, the new scale of household photovoltaic in China exceeded 10GW for the first time, accounting for more than 20% of the total new scale in the country in that year, which became a major milestone in the development of household photovoltaic. Although there are so many residents who have installed photovoltaic power stations in their homes, there are still many people who don't know much about photovoltaic power stations. Here are some necessary common sense of the installation of photovoltaic power stations.

1: What is distributed photovoltaic power generation?

It is a new type of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization mode with broad development prospects. It is different from the traditional centralized power generation (thermal power generation, etc.), which advocates the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion and nearby use; It can not only effectively provide the power generation of the same scale system, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in boosting or long-distance transportation.

2: What are the advantages of photovoltaic power generation? Economy and Energy Saving

Generally, the surplus electricity for self-use can be sold to the power supply company through the State Grid. When it is insufficient, it will be powered by the power grid to save electricity bills and get subsidies.                   

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Heat insulation and cooling

It can insulate and cool down 3-6 degrees in summer and reduce heat transfer in winter;

Green Environmental Protection 

Distributed photovoltaic power generation project has no noise and no light pollution in the power generation process. It is a static power generation with zero emission and zero pollution in the true sense.

Beautiful and personalized 

Perfect combination of architecture or aesthetics and photovoltaic technology to make the whole roof look beautiful and enhance the value of the property itself.

3:Is there any requirement for roof orientation when installing photovoltaic power station?

Photovoltaic power station needs to consider the lighting problem when installing. If it is not a bungalow, the roof orientation has a certain influence on lighting. From the current installation case, the roof faces south and the installation effect is the best. If 100% faces east and west, it may be between 70-95% and if it faces north, it is between 50-70%.

4: Does the photovoltaic system has limited power generation on rainy days? Will the electricity consumption in my house be insufficient?

Because the photovoltaic power station system is connected with the national grid, if the power generation of the power station is insufficient, the system will automatically switch to the national power. So even if the photovoltaic power station can't generate electricity normally in rainy and snowy weather, the household electricity consumption will not be affected.

5: If there is dust or garbage on the system surface, will it affect the power generation?

It depends on the thickness of dust because the power generation of photovoltaic power station is directly related to the irradiance of the sun. If the dust amount is not large and does not cause obvious shadow, there will be no obvious power generation impact. And the glass of the solar module has the function of self-cleaning on the surface, that is, the dirt on the surface of the module can be washed clean by rain in rainy days. Therefore, the operation and maintenance cost of photovoltaic system is very limited.

6:Is there light pollution in photovoltaic system?

Nonexistent. In principle, the photovoltaic system uses tempered glass coated with anti-reflection film to increase light absorption and reduce reflection as much as possible, so as to increase power generation efficiency without light reflection or light pollution. The reflectivity of traditional curtain wall glass or automobile glass is 15% or above, while the reflectivity of photovoltaic glass from first-line module manufacturers is below 6%. Therefore, it is lower than the light reflectivity of glass in other industries, so that there is no light pollution. 

7:Doesroof made by cement tiles can bear the weight of photovoltaic system?

The weight of photovoltaic system does not exceed 20 kg/square meter. Generally, as long as the roof can bear the weight of solar water heater, there is no problem.     

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8:How home photovoltaic power generationcan deal with lightning hail leakage and other issues safely?

At present, the safety of photovoltaic power station is generally high. The main components of power station, such as DC bus inverter, have lightning protection and overload protection function. And all metal frames and brackets on the roof will be grounded, which can effectively ensure the safety of thunderstorm weather. Secondly, the surface of photovoltaic modules is made of toughened glass with super impact resistance, and it is difficult to hurt photovoltaic panels in general climate.

9:What is the installation area of distributed photovoltaic power generation?

According to the actual area of your roof available, take 1KW as an example, and the inclined roof needs an area of 6 square meters; The flat roof needs an area of about 7 square meters. If the capacity is increased, it can be analogized.

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