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Is There has any Influence Caused by Solar Panel for Your Roof

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The roof-top solar panel system is the most common solar model for many solar users. The rood has enough space and large coverage of sunshine, which makes it an ideal location for solar panel installation. While there are many advantages of solar energy, as a homeowner you naturally have questions about the installation process before you dive in. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do solar panels damage your roof?”

When do solar panels damage your roof?

In short, solar units may damage your roof if they are not properly placed. Poor installation and low-quality solar panels can pose the following risks to your roof:

  • Water Damage:Poor placement can disrupt the water flow on your roof, making it difficult for water to reach your gutters. Pooling can occur, causing leaks through your roof and into your home.
  • Fire:Although rare, defectivesolar panels can cause fires. According to a risk report in Germany, 210 of 430 fires that involved solar systems were caused by design flaws. 
  • Structural Damage:If a building cannot bear the weight of a solar panel system, the overall structure and health of the roof are compromised. 

When it comes time to replace your solar panels, the removal process can also damage your roof if performed incorrectly.

roof-top solar system

How can roof damage be prevented?

Before solar panels can be installed, certified solar companies assess whether your roof is a good fit. A roof must lack structural damage and must be able to support the total weight of your panels. If you have the space on your property, you can completely avoid roof damage by mounting your panels on the ground.

Before asking do solar panels damage your roof, assess the health of your roof. To prevent damage, the following should be taken into account:

  • Structure Height:The taller your home, the more potential for damage due to the difficulty of installation as accidents are more likely to occur. 
  • Weak Wind and Seismic Loads:If your home was not originally built to be extremely resistant to winds or earthquakes, your roof can be more vulnerable during these natural disasters. 
  • Roof Age:The older your roof, the more prone it is to damage. 
  • Roof Slope:The ideal roof angle for solar panels falls anywhere between 45 to 85 degrees. 
  • Roof Material: Wooden roofs are not recommended for installation, since they easily crack when drilled into and they are a fire hazard.

The best roof materials for solar panels include asphalt, metal, tiles, and tar-gravel composites. Since both roofs and solar panels should be replaced every 20 to 30 years, installing panels right after you replace your roof is a good way to prevent damage.

roof-top solar system

Do solar panels damage your roof if correctly installed?

The two major ways to prevent roof damage are hiring trusted, licensed solar panel installers and choosing a high-quality solar system. At SOLARPARTS, we offer top-notch solar panels that are reliable and durable. Our solar experts also provide you professional installation advice to prevent structural compromise to your roof. Since solar energy is a lifetime decision, we offer lifetime support. With SOLARPARTS, the question of “do solar panels damage your roof,” isn’t a concern, so your question is rather, “how can you have your panels installed as soon as possible?” Call us today to convert to cleaner energy.

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