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Focusing on Solar Panel Cleaning Makes Your Panel Function Optimally

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Solar panels are now popular among the house owners and businesses due to its profitable prospective. More and more people choose to install solar panels on their roof to increase their houses`s value. However, routine maintenance and cleaning is recommended if you want them to function optimally. If you want to get the most out of your investment, make sure you know how to clean solar panels the right way. It’ll help both your wallet and the environment. Here’s our step-by-step guide for keeping solar panels clean, including how to clean solar panels on a roof.

Importance of regular cleaning

Regularly cleaning your panels is a key part of solar panel maintenance. Although it can be a bit of a chore, keeping your solar panels clean provides many benefits in the long run. Cleaning solar panels on a routine basis prevents dirt and debris from building up, and ensures they stay in optimal condition to work as efficiently as possible. Plus, piles of debris may result in scratches that could potentially permanently damage your panels. Cleaning your panels regularly also reduces the likelihood of needing to replace them. All in all, keeping your solar panels clean allows them to produce more energy, and in turn, save you more money by offsetting your energy bill

When to clean solar panels

Knowing when and how often to clean your solar panels is important. Depending on the specific system you own, its location and required maintenance by service professionals, the timing differs. Some other important factors to consider in terms of how often to clean solar panels are: weather conditions, environmental conditions and time of year. For example, rain helps wash away dirt and debris. So, if you live in a dry climate, the lack of rain will cause you to manually wash your panels more frequently. However, cleaning your solar panels doesn’t need to be as frequent as you might think. On average, expect to clean your panels about once or twice every year.  

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How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

If you’re interested in getting your solar panels professionally cleaned, you may want to learn how much professional solar panel cleaning costs. 

Some solar providers charge a flat rate for their cleaning services, but most others charge per panel. However, your final pay out depends on several factors. Some of these include:

  • How many solar panels that need to be cleaned?
  • Size of the panels (commercial panelsare larger than residential panels)
  • Amount of dirt and debris build up
  • Type of surface the solar panels are installed on ground, wall or roof.
  • Type and slant of your roof

You can make sure you get a quote from your solar provider to get a better idea of how much professional cleaning will cost you.

Clean solar panel step by step

Learning how to clean a solar panel properly is essential if you want your system to function at its best. Plus, regular cleaning helps you avoid unnecessary damage to your panels and keeps them in prime condition for years. Below, we’ve listed the most important steps to take when cleaning your panels. 

1: Check the manufacturer`s instruction

Start by checking the manufacturer’s instructions. They list specific steps to follow for cleaning your particular solar panel brand. Following those instructions can also help you avoid unnecessary damage to the panels. Additionally, make sure to turn off your solar panel system before cleaning it. The manufacturer’s instructions should tell you how to switch off your system. 

2: Remove loose dirt and debris

Next, remove any loose dirt and debris from the panels. Dirt and debris can accumulate quickly and cause your panels to be less effective at producing energy. Use a leaf blower or soft cloth to remove most of the buildup before cleaning the panels.  

In the winter, you may need to learn how to clean snow off solar panels. Learning how to clear snow from solar panels makes it easier for you to thoroughly clean them, and also allows more sunlight to reach them. Additionally, when and if you are getting on top of your roof, always make sure to protect yourself. This means wearing proper work clothing, non-slip footwear, and most importantly, using a fall protection system. This is a straight-forward (and required) preventative method to avoid serious accidents.

3: Spray with water

Next, spray the panels with water to remove more dirt, dust and debris. However, don’t use high-pressure water sprayers or water jets for this step. The powerful water spray can damage the panels. The force behind a high-pressure water sprayer can also make it easier for you to lose your balance. Use a light-pressure hose or buckets of water. 

When you’re learning how to clean roof solar panels, you may be able to clean them more thoroughly by getting on the roof. But be careful — water can make the roof slippery. Make sure to put on safety gear when cleaning panels on a roof. Learning how to clean ground-mounted or wall-mounted solar panels is easier than panels on a roof. You can lightly spray or hose them with water, but again, don’t use high-pressure water from a water sprayer or jet.

4: Use a squeegee

Once you’ve cleaned the panels with water, use a squeegee to remove any excess water. This step is especially important if you have hard water (that is, mineral-heavy water) because it prevents mineral buildup. If you have one, use a squeegee with an extension handle. That way, you can remove water from hard-to-reach areas whether your panels are mounted on a roof, wall, or ground.                

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5: Avoid abrasive products

Finally, avoid working with abrasive products. Harsh chemicals or scratchy sponges can damage your panels and make them less effective. Even some detergents can harm your panels. To keep solar panels effective, use only water, soft sponges and soft cloths when cleaning them.

If you want your solar panel system to produce the most energy, then the panels have to be as clean as you can safely keep them. These steps should help you keep your panels squeaky clean and functioning great, but you also have another option: calling in the professionals. If you want to learn more, welcome to contact us today!

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