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When it comes to solar power generation, solar power generation system cannot be bypassed. According to the actual power demand, it can be divided into grid connected photovoltaic power generation system and off grid photovoltaic power generation system. This article will talk about off grid solar power generation system. Generally speaking, the off grid photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of photovoltaic panels (photovoltaic arrays), photovoltaic controllers, off grid inverters, batteries and monitoring systems.

Photovoltaic panel (photovoltaic array) 

It includes solar modules, support structures, photovoltaic special cables, DC combiner boxes, etc. it is the power generation unit of the whole system. Among them, photovoltaic panels are the core of photovoltaic power generation. Their role is to directly convert solar radiation energy into DC energy to supply loads or store it in batteries.                   

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PV controller

It can control the charging of the battery and the discharge of the load, prevent overcharge and discharge, and has the function of stabilized voltage output and input. As the output of general monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels is of current source type, they cannot be directly output to the load and battery. It is necessary to convert them into stable voltage or current acceptable to the battery through the photovoltaic controller to realize the effective charging of the battery or supply external loads.

Off grid inverter

Convert the DC power of storage battery or solar module into 220 V AC power for home appliances. Only the DC load may not need the inverter. If the output is required to be DC, the battery voltage can be converted into different DC voltage through this part to adapt to different load equipment. If the output is AC, it can be changed from DC to AC 220V and 380V. For household use, this part generally adopts AC inverter.

Battery and its monitoring system 

The storage battery stores the power generated by the solar module during the day for use when there is no light. The main function of the monitoring system is to monitor the working parameters and working status of each part, and provide man-machine operation interface at the same time.

The off-line system has a wide range of application scenarios, involving government, enterprises and institutions, education, health care and other public service places. In terms of household power supply, it is especially suitable for families living independently, such as urban villas, rural families, etc. In addition, for urban residential areas, it is also suitable for households living on the top floor or families with large private balconies; School power supply is especially suitable for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. In these places, there is usually more electricity during the day, and the electricity consumption is small; The hospital power supply can be integrated with the emergency power supply system of the hospital, which can effectively improve the reliability and economy of the emergency power supply of the hospital; The public power supply of the urban community can be installed in the public part of the urban community, connected to the public electricity room of the community, and used as the public electricity of the community. The power supply for the office buildings of government departments, enterprises and public institutions is mainly installed on the top floor of the office building and connected to the low-voltage distribution cabinet of the building as public power.                      

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