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Jixiao_PWM controllers  JXP series
Jixiao_PWM controllers  JXP series
Jixiao_PWM controllers  JXP series
Jixiao_PWM controllers  JXP series
Jixiao_PWM controllers  JXP series


Jixiao_PWM controllers JXP series


JXP01 series is a PWM charge controller with LCD display.it is mainly for rural Electrification and solar home power systems application. 


1. Automatic identification of system voltage.
2. Support charging gel batteries, sealed batteries, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, etc.
3. An upgraded 3-stage PWM charging algorithm is adopted. Overdischarge or application of an equalizing charging to the battery regularly can effectively prevent the battery from non-equalization and sulfuration and extend the lifespan of battery.
4. Featuring a temperature compensation function, the controller can automatically adjust charging parameters.
5. A variety of load working modes which facilitate the product's application to different types of loads.
6. The product provides overcharge, overdischarge, overload, short-circuit and reverse connection protection.
7. Advanced startup method of load: Large capacitance loads can be started smoothly.
8. The product adopts a dot-matrix graphic LCD screen and a human-machine interface with two switches.
Model JXP01/JXP02 JXP03/JXP04
Rated current 30A/40A 50A/60A
System voltage  12V/24V
No-load loss  <13mA/12V;<15mA/24V
Max.Solar energyinput voltage  <55V
Max.voltage at the battery end c34V
Battery type Flooded FLD Sealed SLD
Over voltage protection 16.0V
Floating chargingvoltage 13.8V 13.8V
Boost charging time 2H
USB function Yes optional
Bluetooth faction optional
Operating temperature -25C to+55℃;
IP protection degree IP30
Net weight 390g 650g
Dimensions 164.0x103.5x47.0(mm) 189.27*127.2x54.0(mm)