Tesla with a solar flare trailer on display: What’s behind it

Tesla with a solar flare trailer on display: What’s behind it


Tesla with a solar flare trailer on display: What’s behind it> teslamag.de



The IdeasExpo event, aimed at inspiring young people to love science and technology and win them over as professionals, has been a regular feature at the Hanover exhibition center since 2007. Recently with its Gigafactory near Berlin, Tesla is also in dire need of staff in Germany. , and so the company was twice represented at IdeasExpo this year. At the stand in one of the halls, the Model Y was presented with a battery designed for it from 4680 batteries. , although there are no concrete plans for that.

There is no column extension for Tesla

The wave of reports in German and English-speaking countries seemed to be entirely supported by the news that a prominent German observer @tesla_adri had been circulating on Twitter since the beginning of last week. Initially he only posted photos and information about the Tesla trailer from his personal Instagram account, but that was enough for several reports in German online media. English-language publications took the subject in greater numbers.

Not in every case was mentioned what @tesla_adri had already written in his second Twitter message about the discovery in Hanover: One of the Tesla employees present stated that there were no plans to make a photovoltaic trailer a product. It’s just a feasibility study. However, many reports said Tesla “revealed” it on the show, suggesting how much extra can be obtained with a compact appendix.

The concept is really interesting and obvious. Photovoltaics and electric vehicles are almost the best combination, and various attempts to bring two together more directly exist already in both integrated and integrated formats. However, as one of the staff at Tesla’s external field teslamag.de said on Sunday, the construction presented there was not intended to expand the ranks. These uses are theoretically possible. However, he will not recommend it, he explained, because the peak output of around 3.5 kilowatts that can be accessed by nine modules is very small.

Starlink Internet for visitors to trade shows

Instead, the idea of ​​a black trailer is to bring immediate relief in areas where electricity and internet are off. Three times three solar modules can be pushed sideways into each other so that they do not protrude over the moving base during operation; parked and extended, the photovoltaic area is triple. The electricity generated flows into a pre-installed Tesla Powerwall battery pack and can be distributed to AC users via a nearby power converter. In Hanover, with Starlink satellite internet technology, a mobile audio system was connected to a socket, but it did not work. However, the promised “free wifi” with the A4 note on the trailer can be used.

The system was a campaign for Tesla Automation students to present at a public hearing, confirmed the young employee on Sunday, who, according to his reports, was not personally involved. It hasn’t been used yet, but that could change. However, Tesla will almost never make a product out of it, because the company does not have time for that. In any case, no one expected too much media attention to the trainer’s trailer earlier, the trade show employee continued. The queue was created in the real world on Sunday afternoon, but not in front of a photovoltaic trailer with a Starlink plate, but near it, where visitors like passengers in Tesla’s electric cars could get their fast speed.


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