Solfinity opens sales office in German-spaeking markets

Solfinity opens sales office in German-spaeking markets

Solfinity opens sales office in German-spaeking markets

Solfinity has been active in Poland since 2006. Previously, the company traded under the name Soltec and gained a strong position in the photovoltaic market through reliability and competence.

Strong development on the domestic market in Poland

Not only the German, but also the Polish solar market has developed at an impressive pace in recent years. According to the Polish Institute for Renewable Energy, total installed capacity in Poland was 612 megawatts in 2019. In March 2023, the installed output already exceeded 13 gigawatts.

Around 434 megawatts delivered in 2022

Last year, Solfinity delivered solar modules and inverters from renowned manufacturers with a total capacity of 434 megawatts. This made Solfinity one of the largest solar retailers in Poland.

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Since 2021, the supplier has been tapping into new markets and now delivers to 32 countries. One of the most important markets is Germany. At the beginning of the year, Solfinity opened a representative office in Munich. "After building up a team of experts in the Bavarian metropolis, Solfinity is now in a position to meet the expectations of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland," says Ralph Schlerf, chief executive of Solfinity GmbH in Munich. "Our product range includes solar modules and inverters, energy storage systems, heat pumps, substructures for roofs and open spaces as well as accessories. We are able to deliver the components we offer in a short time."

Well-known brands in the range

Solfinity's customers benefit from 17 years of experience in the solar industry. The portfolio includes solar modules from Trina, TW Solar, inverters from Kostal or components from Victron and Enphase. Solfinity manufactures its own switchboards and mounting systems, which are sold under its own brand Iontec.

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In addition, the product range includes solar modules from Sunlink PV and Sunpower, inverters from Huawei, Solaredge, Sofar and Hypontech. In addition, microinverters from Hoymiles and energy storage systems from Pylontech and Kehua Tech are traded.

Since 2022, Solfinity has been supplying heat pumps from the French brand Atlantic and the Polish manufacturer Termet. Each heat pump system is designed according to the customer's needs in order to provide buildings with optimal thermal comfort.

3,500 installers trained

Last year, the wholesaler trained more than 3,500 installers in photovoltaics at its Solacademy. At Intersolar Europe from 14 to 16 June 2023, the company can be found at booth 410 in hall A4. (HS/mfo)

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