Monash Energy Institute Welcomes New Partners to Boost Grid Innovation

Monash Energy Institute Welcomes New Partners to Boost Grid Innovation

Monash Energy Institute Welcomes New Partners to Boost Grid Innovation

Monash Energy Institute Welcomes New Partners to Boost Grid Innovation

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The Grid Innovation Hub (GIH), hosted by Monash Energy Institute, is engaged in bringing together research and industrial expertise to address challenges such as instability of grids where fossil fuels are being replaced by renewable energy resources, and ensuring reliable supply of low-cost renewable energy.


“GIH was created to help solve critical issues facing Australia’s energy grid, and to help develop a fit-for-purpose grid for decades to come,” GIH Chairman Professor Tony Marxsen OAM said.


“Later this year we’ll report on a suite of technologies that can strengthen the national grid,” Professor Marxsen added.

Monash Energy Institute Director Professor Ariel Liebman said GIH is excited to welcome Power Systems Consultants (PSC) and X-Elio as new partners of the Hub.

“Our new partners will enable us to bring together the best academic, business, and engineering knowledge to the challenges facing Australia’s national grid. They join our foundation partners, retail property group Vicinity, and our research partners across Monash,” Professor Liebman said.

X-ELIO Country Manager in Australia, Belinda Fan said the organisation hopes to support research and development of the Australian energy sector.

“The ultimate goal is to move towards a fully renewable economy. By joining GIH, X- ELIO reaffirms its promise towards building a net-zero future for Australia, a commitment we will maintain for many more years to come,” Ms Fan said.

Head of Strategic Service Development at PSC, Matthew Robinson, said the role of energy storage is a critical part of transition to renewable energy sources.

“Research conducted at GIH will enable us to develop new market designs while taking energy storage into account,” Mr Robinson said.

“Designing market systems is one of PSC’s main areas of expertise and we are delighted about working with Monash to champion innovation in this space. GIH is a great example of industry collaborating with researchers, while also bringing together other key stakeholders such as the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC).”

The Hub’s current projects include research to enhance the stability of renewable energy farms. This project is developing ways to identify unstable parts of the grid, and develop technologies to strengthen networks and protect wind and solar farms from weak grids.

Another major GIH project is investigating the best ways to integrate energy storage into Australia’s national energy market. The project is supported by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency along with AEMC and AEMO.

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