EU national experts discuss ways to speed up permitting procedures for RE projects

EU national experts discuss ways to speed up permitting procedures for RE projects

On Monday, a multi-country workshop on permit-granting processes for renewable energy projects took place in the European Union.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss the options that EU Member States have in order to speed up the permitting process for renewable energy projects.

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Source: European Commission

The event was attended by around 100 high-level officials from Ministries of the Environment, Energy and related Agencies of nearly all EU Member States. It provided an opportunity to discuss challenges and remaining obstacles at national, regional and local levels in the authorization of renewable energy projects.

The workshop acknowledged that the current pace of deployment of renewable energy projects will need to be accelerated significantly to meet the needed capacity increase on time. Slow and complex permitting processes are a key obstacle to unleashing the renewables revolution.

Experts from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Spain presented good practice examples related to site selection and simplified permitting procedures.

Three representatives from the private sector presented examples of minimizing environmental impacts of renewable energy projects.

To support Member States in identifying go-to areas for the rapid deployment of new installations for the production of energy from wind and solar renewable sources, Joint Research Centre presented its Energy and Industry Geography LabSearch for available translations of the preceding – an online platform bringing together a wealth of information on relevant energy, industry and environmental factors.

Discussion aimed to facilitate the sharing of experience and best practices among Member States in a participatory approach together with the local and regional authorities. There is a significant potential for improvements and learning from each other and the dialogue should continue in the future.

Renewable energy is at the heart of the clean energy transition necessary to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal.

Within the 18 May 2022 Package on Repower EU, the Commission adopted a Recommendation and Guidance Search for available translations of the preceding on speeding up permit-granting procedures for renewable energy projects and facilitating power purchase agreements.

The workshop kick-started the implementation of this Recommendation.

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