How to Deal With Strong Wind and Hail Weather for Photovoltaic Power Station

How to Deal With Strong Wind and Hail Weather for Photovoltaic Power Station

Since the spring, the weather in China has turned warm on a large scale. With the cold and warm air coming, accompanied by strong convective weather, thunderstorms, gales, hail and other extreme weather, PV Plant workers are particularly worried about whether the PV Plant will be seriously damaged.

In response to thunderstorm and gale weather, the design and installation of photovoltaic power stations should not be ignored The impact of thunderstorms and high winds on photovoltaic power stations is generally reflected in the fact that photovoltaic modules are blown over by high winds, which blow over photovoltaic power stations. Many people think that the quality of photovoltaic power stations is poor in the first reaction. The quality problem of photovoltaic power station is indeed one of the important factors. However, two other factors are also important and often overlooked. In fact, it is the design and installation of photovoltaic power stations.


 First, the design of photovoltaic power station. Like building a house, the installation of photovoltaic power stations needs to be designed first. According to the owner's roof conditions, whether there is shelter around the house, the local sunshine duration, etc., at the same time, the data of the local wind with a 50 year return period must be considered, and the lightning protection device should also be included. The photovoltaic power station designed in this way is the one that most conforms to the actual situation of local owners and can resist thunderstorms and gales. Some integrators probably have no design at all, so they simply measure the owner's roof and determine the installation capacity and installation angle.

Second, the installation of photovoltaic power stations. The installation of photovoltaic power station is also a place that can not be relaxed! The installation must strictly follow the design and be meticulous! The screws must be tightened! The pressure block must be matched. Press it while pressing, and use medium pressure for medium pressure. Don't mix it! Don't use other types of pressure blocks! There is a risk of misuse! Small details determine big success or failure! These small problems are fatal when encountering strong winds!


PV module quality is the key to deal with hail

 Indeed, the layer of glass on the surface of photovoltaic modules is tempered glass. Moreover, as long as the PV modules produced by regular manufacturers are delivered from the factory, they will undergo a series of tests such as hail. The standard for hail test is to use a 25mm diameter steel ball to impact the photovoltaic module at a speed of 23m/s. Some enterprises with high requirements may use more stringent energy than the standard, which is nearly twice the IEC standard (30.7m/s) for testing. In addition, there are a series of tests such as mechanical load, thermal cycle, damp heat and wet freezing.

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