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Solar energy is a clean and renewable new energy, more and more people of all ages, in people's lives, work has a wide range of roles, one of which is the conversion of solar energy into electricity, solar cells is the use of solar energy work. The solar thermal power plant is the use of the principle of convergence of the sun, the boiling water into boiling water, and then used to generate electricity.
Solar energy is energy from the Earth's external celestial bodies (mainly solar energy), is the sun's hydrogen nuclei in the ultra-high temperature fusion release of the huge energy, the vast majority of human energy required directly or indirectly from the sun. We live the necessary coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels because all kinds of plants through photosynthesis to solar energy into chemical storage in the plant after the body, and then buried in the underground animals and plants through a long geological age. In addition, water, wind, wave energy, ocean currents can also be converted from solar energy.
There are two types of solar power generation: one is solar power (also known as solar photovoltaic power generation), the other is solar thermal power generation (also known as solar thermal power generation).
Solar photovoltaic power generation is a direct way to convert solar energy into electricity. It includes photovoltaic power generation, photochemical power generation, light-induced power generation and photoelectric power generation in four forms, in the photochemical power generation in electrochemical photovoltaic cells, photocells and photocatalytic batteries.
Solar thermal power generation is the first solar energy into heat, and then heat into electricity, it has two conversion methods. One is the direct conversion of solar thermal energy into electrical energy, such as semiconductor or metal materials, thermoelectric power generation, vacuum devices in the thermoelectric and thermal ion power generation, alkali metal thermoelectric conversion, and magnetic fluid power generation. Another way is to heat the sun through the heat engine (such as steam turbine) to drive generators, similar to conventional thermal power generation, but its heat is not from the fuel, but from solar energy.
With the economic development, social progress, people put forward higher and higher energy requirements, looking for new energy has become an urgent task facing the current human. There are three main types of existing energy sources, namely, thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power.

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