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Your Guideline before Installing Solar Panels on Yachts

Overwhelmed by the hubbub of cities life, more and more people are chasing a different lifestyle. They may spend a quiet holiday in the countryside or sail a boat or yacht to explore the secret of ocean. However, the energy consumption is a big problem when you do some outdoor activities. Therefore, in this article, SOLARPARTS will provide you a guideline to bring you a worry-free solar yacht journey.

What is the best use for yacht solar panel

Yachts use a lot of energy for things like maintaining autopilot, keeping navigation lights on, and powering radio systems. Solar panels can provide the energy to carry out these tasks and maintain your boat's battery if it happens to be sitting idle. In either circumstance, your battery will never run out of energy. Not to mention, compared to gas-powered generators, solar panels have the added benefit of being quiet. They also don’t produce excess heat that makes sitting in your boat with a gas generator unpleasant on hot days.

You can use solar panels for any size boat. For smaller sailboats, the main job of your solar panels would be to keep the battery fully charged for your boat’s electricity. For larger boats like yacht, they help reduce or eliminate the need to use the engine to provide excess power. The average 30-foot boat would require about 300-350 watts of power. Depending on your energy use and boat size, you need more or less solar power to provide you with electricity.               

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How to choose the right solar panels for your boats

The first step to determining what size solar panel will work for your boat is figuring out how much power your boat is using. You can do this by checking the labels on your appliances for the typical amp hours and volts used. Or, you can use a battery monitor to measure the amount of energy your fridge, lights, or the other appliances on your boat consume while in use. After finding the amp hours your boat uses per day, you can determine the wattage of power your solar panels need to produce. 

And the size of your boat`s battery will also factor into which size solar panel you need. For instance, many DIY solar panels are meant to act as a battery charger to a 12-volt lithium battery, which is the typical size within a boat. But if you have a larger boat with a larger battery, you might need more than 350 watts of power. Additional things to consider are whether you will need a charge controller and if you have enough unshaded space for your solar panels to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. 

Do you need s charge controller?

A charge controller acts as a regulator for the amount of energy that is transferred from your solar panel into your boat’s battery. This helps to make sure that your battery is not overloaded and overcharged, which can ruin the battery over time. While it is not necessary, it is a good idea to install a charge controller with your solar panel system to help manage the energy load that your battery receives. This will prolong the life of your battery while ensuring your boat uses the exact amount of energy it needs. 

What are the best solar panels for yachts to buy?

Any type of panel can be used on a boat such as monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin-film. Thin-film panels are less efficient but they are flexible. So if you wanted to place a few panels on your boat’s roof versus one panel taking up valuable space, thin-film panels would be a good choice. On the other hand, monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels have higher efficiency ratings and will ensure you get the most energy from your limited space or during low-light conditions. So if you have a location that can support racking, monocrystalline or polycrystalline solar panels are a better option.                   

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If you are still confused about choosing the right solar panel, you can contact with SOLARPARTS. As a leading solar panel manufacturer and enterprise in the PV industry, we produce various ranges of solar panel, which covers monocrystalline silicon solar panels, polycrystalline silicon solar panels, solar household power generation systems, small solar mobile power supplies, solar chargers, DIY solar toys, and other solar application products. Contact us now to get a quote!

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