photovoltaics storage system

What is Energy Storage?

In the realm of carbon neutrality, energy storage is an important part. Energy storage is the key technology to promote the replacement of main energy from fossil energy to renewable energy. It mainly solves the problems of unstable power generation, time mismatch and energy waste of new energy. Therefore, energy storage also presents a booming development trend in recent years.

What is a photovoltaics storage system? 

According to different application situations, solar photovoltaics system can be divided into photovoltaic off-grid solar storage system, off/on-grid solar storage system, photovoltaic grid solar storage system and micro-grid solar storage system. They are composed of photovoltaic arrays, solar controllers, inverters, batteries, loads and so on.

photovoltaics storage system

The development space of energy storage

The more wind turbines installed in the future, the larger the energy storage gap will be. The global energy storage market is expected to release 20.1GW, 32.7GW, 52.5GW, 65.3GW and 93.2GW of energy storage construction demand in 2021-2025 along with the pace of energy transformation and downstream power demand construction. The capacity demand under comprehensive backup time is expected to be 38.8, 68.5GWh, 108.1GWh, 158.8GWh and 235.7GWh respectively, which is expected to drive major energy storage technologies and related industrial chains.

Taking China as an example, the installed energy storage capacity in China shows a rapid growth state, with an annual growth rate of 10.02% from 2016 to 2020. Except 2019, which is slightly affected by the downturn of the industry climate, the installed energy storage capacity growth rate in other years is maintained at more than 8%. According to CNESA data, by 2020, the installed capacity of energy storage in China has reached 35.6GW. Under the guidance of the "two-carbon" target, with the rapid growth of wind power and photovoltaic installations, encouraged by policies and driven by falling costs, the energy storage industry and energy storage installations are expected to usher in a golden development period.

What kind of energy storage will be the mainstream in the future?

Energy storage can be divided into thermal energy storage, electric energy storage and hydrogen energy storage. Electric energy storage is divided into three categories: mechanical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, electromagnetic energy storage.

1. Pumping energy storage is currently the main mechanical energy storage method with the longest history. However, pumping energy storage has high requirements on geographical environment, and not all environments can realize large-scale pumping energy storage.

2. Electromagnetic energy storage technology has the narrowest application range and faces problems including high energy consumption and safety in practical application;

3. Electrochemical energy storage, especially battery energy storage technology, has excellent comprehensive performance and wide application scenarios, which is expected to be commercialized quickly. At present, the global electric energy storage is mainly pumped storage (namely mechanical energy storage), and the proportion of battery energy storage is gradually increasing, while the solar energy storage system is the photovoltaic array, solar controller, inverter, battery, load, etc., will also rise rapidly.

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