balcony solar system

THE Balcony Solar System

Since the beginning of winter in 2022, affected by the war , the problem of energy shortage in Europe has gradually emerged, and solar energy has become a hot energy source.

Recently, there has been a craze for balcony solar systems in Germany. This simple plug-and-play solar system requires only an AC power outlet, without a distribution box, and can be installed by non-professionals, so it has attracted much attention. 

What is balcony solar? Why invest in balcony solar? How to choose a balcony microinverter? Details are as follows.


balcony solar system

Cost-effective initial investment. Simply one or two solar panels and a microinverter, usually with a cable length of 5-10 meters, can build a balcony solar system.


Preparations: First observe the condition of your balcony railings to check the stability, and then check the orientation of the balcony. Taking the northern hemisphere as an example, it is best to place solar panels facing south.

Solar panel: Install the fixing parts according to the installation manual, then carefully hang the solar panel on the railing or the prepared support to check the stability. Brackets are safer as protection because they are installed on the floor at a slope. The proportions of the panels are determined by the balcony area.

Microinverter: Pre-arrange the AC bus at the appropriate position of the microinverter, install the microinverter on the bracket or on the frame of the solar panel, closely connect the AC port with the AC bus connector. Finally insert the plug into the AC outlet to power on.


After powering on, the solar panel on the balcony generates direct current after being irradiated by sunlight. The microinverter converts direct current into alternating current, and then supplies it to household loads such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Excess electricity will be sent to the public grid.

balcony solar system

· Solar radiation

In the northern hemisphere, for example, the panels are placed on balconies facing south, and in the southern hemisphere facing north.

· Inclination angle and direction of the solar panel

According to the survey, placing the panels at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal line, and placing them at different directions in the morning and evening, can effectively increase the power generation.

· Temperature

As the temperature rises, the maximum output power of the solar panel will decrease, and the conversion efficiency of the microinverter will also decrease. In order to avoid the influence of temperature on the power generation, the panel should be kept in good ventilation conditions.

· Dust loss

The panel is placed outdoors, and the dust on it will cause a loss of production capacity, which is about 4-6%. The balcony panels are easier to clean than the roof, and should be wiped frequently to reduce the impact of dust on the power generation.


Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a technique used in variable power supplies to track the maximum output power point of a solar panel. The MPPT function of the on-grid system will be completed in the inverter, so it is important to select a suitable one.

solar system
· Tax cut

Solar incentives are very substantial. You can get a 50% tax deduction on the cost of the purchase, which can be reclaimed within 10 years by tax returns, or deducted from the invoice by transferring a 50% credit to the person who installed the panels.

· Save your electricity bill

The less upfront cost of balcony solar system can save your electricity bill compared to a rooftop PV array, which the power cannot be stored and will mostly be used in your home’s appliances. Reasonable allocation of electricity consumption time can effectively save electricity bills.Solar Microinverter For Balcony Solar System In Germany.

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