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Solar Energy, the Great Return of Your Solar Investment

Installing solar panels may be a big expense from the beginning for most people, however, from the long term, the benefits it brings is far beyond people`s expectations. December is a festive month, and when it comes to gift giving, there`s nothing like a new solar system to really set the bar high for the new year! A new solar installation provides value that the whole family can enjoy, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s take a look at what makes solar such a good gift this year, and why it’s such a great investment.

A festive reminder

Something to keep in mind is that there is a real possibility that the solar industry is shaken up by the Net Energy Metering vote scheduled to take place on December 15th. If you want to know more about the differences between the current agreement, NEM 2.0, and the proposed update, NEM 3.0, take a look at our breakdown of the impending decision. But the important thing to remember is this - no matter what agreement we ring in the new year with, solar will continue to be a sound, stable investment that provides meaningful returns. NEM is just one piece of the solar value proposition, and even without the Net Energy Metering agreement solar would still be as desirable today as ever.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the difference between the current and proposed agreements, or if you want to take advantage of the current system before it potentially expires, be sure to reach out to one of our expert solar consultants today!

Up on the roof

While we don’t suggest trying to wrap and stow a solar system under your tree this year, there has never been a better time to get a team of expert solar installers up on the roof to get your panels in place. When you install a solar system on your home, from the moment that project is up and running your property value is going to increase. Typically, the property value of your home will increase anywhere from $4000 - $6000 per kW of solar generation installed - meaning that larger systems will create increased value! Still, given the cost of solar, that property value increase alone represents an incredible return on your investment.

residential solar panel

Ultimately your local housing market will be the deciding factor of just how much a solar system is worth, but all signs point to a solar system adding thousands of dollars of value to your home from the moment it’s installed. If that was all solar had to offer you’d still likely consider adding a system to your home, but the gift of solar just keeps on giving from there!

Keeping the lights on

So, the system alone adds value to your home, but we’re all here for what the system is designed to do - generate power! As your solar system operates, you’ll receive one of the greatest gifts of all - energy independence. With this newfound gift, you’ll be protected from potential outages and price hikes, even as the savings from your energy bill work to pay off your solar system.

Once your payback period is complete? Well, then you’re just raking in savings for you and yours, no payments necessary! With an expected life cycle of 25 years, that’s thousands and thousands of dollars in savings over your initial investment. Want to see what 25 years of savings looks like? Take a look at some of our incredible case studies to learn more about the lifetime value of your solar savings!

residential solar panel

Great financing for a great investment

Now, what kind of gift exchange would this be if we didn’t have something exciting to offer you! As you consider the gift of a great investment this year, remember that there are incredible new financing options in the solar space available for those who would like to take advantage of them. What kind of opportunities, you may ask? Well, what if you could install solar today and not pay a dime until after next year? What if you could collect on the incredible 30% solar investment tax credit in 2023 and make your first interest free payment in 2024?

No matter which way you look at it, solar is a great investment this year, and would be an excellent gift to support the ones you love. Remember that by investing in clean, renewable energy, you’re also helping to make next year’s holiday season a little brighter. Solar is the gift that keeps on giving, and if you’re interested in starting your own solar adventure this year, be sure to make some time to talk with one of our solar consultants. They’ll help you give the gift of a great investment this year.

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