How to Select Reserve Power Supply for Outdoor Emergency Rescue

How to Select Reserve Power Supply for Outdoor Emergency Rescue

Disasters are potential and occur from time to time. However, we don't have to worry about them, but we can't take them lightly. The so-called "everything is established in advance, and discarded without advance." We should learn to nip in the bud and make preparations in advance so that when a disaster comes, we will not be in a hurry and at a loss. Especially outdoors, this kind of preparation is even more important. It can save lives in an emergency.

People who often travel or explore outdoors know that one of the outdoor survival or safety rules is to carry an emergency rescue bag. A small emergency rescue bag often contains outdoor emergency necessities, such as breathing masks, fire extinguishers, lighters, emergency ropes, fire blankets, flashlights, life sentries, multi-functional scissors, anti-skid gloves, instant food, towels, paper towels, emergency medicine bags or satellite phones, When necessary, it is of great use to carry out self-help, mutual help or help seeking. In fact, there are many outdoor uncertain factors. In order to ensure the safety of individuals or teams, it is very necessary to add a charger. A charger that does not need power charging, that is, a solar charger.

SOLARPARTS Roicht @-BA Series ETFE Portable solar charger is made of the industry's latest upgraded high-density monocrystalline silicon, which is smaller in size and has a higher conversion rate. Under the innovative and mature technology, Roicht@-BA series Portable Charger supports you to camp, hike, and travel wherever you want.


Whether it is used as a household reserve power supply, or a conventional carry on for outdoor travel and exploration, the solar charger can play its unique charging performance. As for the household reserve power supply, in case of unexpected power failure in the city, you can calmly take out the solar charger and continue to work. Because the solar charger has strong compatibility and unique USB interface design, it can automatically detect and identify the charging of iPhone, Android smart phone, flat panel computer, mobile power supply and other USB charging devices. In case of sudden emergency disasters, it can calm personal tension, The role of maintaining social stability.   

For outdoor emergency rescue, the mini portable is convenient to fold. As a last resort, the solar charger can continuously supply power to your mobile phone, computer or camera when necessary, so that you can check your location at any time and ensure your contact with the outside world, so as to rescue you. In addition, the power collected by the solar panels during the day can be stored through the power bank or battery to charge the flashlight. At night, it can be used for lighting and defense to avoid the attack of wild animals. It is only necessary to save physical strength, keep in touch with the outside world, and wait for the arrival of rescue workers.


Disaster has no lover. In the front line of life and death, solar panels can help you rekindle hope and help you get out of trouble. With this loyal close friend, your life will be more colorful! In modern life, electricity is indispensable and can be used in all aspects. Without electricity, there will be darkness and silence. In order to meet urgent needs, solar chargers are always available. Where there is light, there is electricity. It is green, energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly. What are you waiting for? Get started!

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