household PV power generation system

How to Choose PV Inverter for Household PV Power Generation System

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The main function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current. Since the inverter is the only "smart" device in the photovoltaic system, in addition, the photovoltaic inverter is also responsible for detecting components, power grids, Important functions such as cable running status, communication with the outside world, and system security management. So, what should be paid attention to in the selection of household photovoltaic inverters?

1.Equipped with safe and reliable DC switch:

The situation of the household power station is very complicated, and the location is relatively remote. Once the components are short-circuited and grounded, the after-sales service cannot arrive immediately, and there may be a fire or electric shock accident. At this time, the owner can be asked to disconnect the DC switch (this operation is very simple). Avoid further escalation of failures.

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2. Minimize the noise

Household photovoltaic inverters are installed in residents' homes. If noise is generated during operation, it will bring great inconvenience to people's lives. The sound of the inverter comes from fans and inductors. The inverter should adopt a fanless design. There are no fans inside and outside to eliminate the biggest noise source; the inductor is filled with glue as a whole, and put into an aluminum case separately to reduce the current and vibration sound of the inductor.

3. Adopt a variety of display methods

It has an LCD display, which is intuitive and convenient, and is suitable for users who do not have a smart phone to view. The physical buttons have a short life, and the voice-activated buttons are easy to operate and have a longer life; the GPRS monitoring method is used to monitor the operation of the power station with a smart phone, which can be used anytime, anywhere View, thousands or even tens of thousands of power stations can be managed in a unified manner, and the two-way monitoring system can provide active services, problem discovery, fault warning, remote problem diagnosis and processing functions.

4. High power generation

There are many factors affecting the power generation of inverters, and attention should be paid to:

First of all, the inverter must be stable and cannot be damaged. Because once the inverter fails, it needs to be repaired or replaced that will spend at least two or three days, or at most five or six days, during which the electricity cost will be greatly lost.

The second is the efficiency of the inverter. The three efficiencies of the inverter are the maximum efficiency, the weighted efficiency and the MPPT efficiency. The weighted comprehensive efficiency has the greatest impact on the power generation, because the time when the inverter works below the rated power is the most of.

Household PV power generation system

The third is the DC working voltage range. The wider the voltage range, it means early start and late stop. The longer the power generation time, the higher the power generation.

Fourth, the precision of MPPT tracking technology should be high, and the dynamic response speed should be fast, which can adapt to the sharp changes of light and improve the power generation efficiency.

Fifth, the output voltage range of the inverter should also be wide, preferably between 180-270V , and of course not too high, as exceeding 270V will affect household appliances.

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