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4 Solar Panel Myths Busted

The demand for renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, is on the rise. As the price of rooftop solar panels continue to drop, it is becoming a viable option across the U.S. for middle class family. People are searching for ways to save the environment while lowering expenses, and solar panels are the solution many are searching for. While solar is readily available to the masses, there is still skepticism around topic.

Solar panel myths are very common today and prevent people from wholeheartedly embracing environmentally friendly solar energy. Common solar myths are spread by word of mouth and overshadow the renewable energy benefits. SOLARPARTS is here to debunk solar panels myths and reveal the truth about why you should switch to solar.

Myth 1: Solar panels cause roof damage

As long as rooftop solar panels are installed on portions of your roof without previous damage, solar panels are actually a means of protection. Solar panels shield the portion of the roof which they cover from extreme weather conditions. An onlooker might be shocked to learn that solar panels are mounted to the roof and not directly connected to roof tiles. You can still access and repair the roof once solar panels are installed. SOLARPARTS specifically considers roof structure, wind loading, and snow loading during the consultation phase to ensure proper structural guidelines are met. 

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Myth 2: Solar decreases the value of the home

Homebuyers typically see solar panels as an attractive feature in a home and an investment to the property. Homes with preinstalled panels sell faster than those without this additional power source. The value of homes with rooftop solar panels often increases after installation to cover beyond the cost of the solar panels. These homeowners are saving money long term and investing not only into the environment, but also into their home and family.

Myth 3: Solar panels only work in certain weather

Contrary to popular belief, cold temperatures actually improve the performance of solar panels during winter daylight hours. Rooftop solar panels draw energy from sunlight, which does mean that they produce a higher quantity of energy in the summer during longer daylight hours. However, this produces a balancing effect where the system is less efficient in the hot summer but receives more sunlight, and in the winter solar panels are more efficient but receive less sunlight. 

Myth 4: Solar panels are expensive to purchase and install

A look at the industry tells us that the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels will continue to decline in the future as innovations further advance the industry. Rooftop solar panels costs have fallen by 30% in the past six years and they are now reaching many customers as an affordable option. In addition to budget-friendly product costs, solar panels provide cost savings in energy usage. These savings depend on the size of your home, power usage, and size of your solar panels. Many federal and local rebates are also available to make the upfront cost of installation more affordable. Our solar experts are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about tax incentives to make solar installation more attainable.

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