Mini Electric Now Open for Preorder in Taiwan Despite Lack of Delivery Date, Retail Price

Mini Electric Now Open for Preorder in Taiwan Despite Lack of Delivery Date, Retail Price

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Mini Electric Now Open for Preorder in Taiwan Despite Lack of Delivery Date, Retail Price

published: 2022-03-08 9:30 | editor:  | category: News

Mini Cooper enthusiasts in Taiwan are set to rejoice, as the brand-new Mini Electric BEV has been formally announced for preorder in Taiwan. Prospective buyers need to merely pay a deposit online via credit card in order to reserve their spot to become one of the very first owners of the Mini Electric.

Mini’s unique charm does not disappear even in the current EV era. Manufactured at the Oxford factory in Britain, where Mini originated, the all-new Mini Electric features a zero-carbon emission BEV FWD drivetrain, with a maximum of 184 hp and 270 Nm torque. The vehicle is capable of a 7.3 s acceleration time from 0-100 km/h.

Released in 2021, the Mini Electric immediately garnered international attention. The vehicle is now finally available for preorder by Taiwanese customers.

A unique and fun driving experience similar to a BEV Go-kart

FWD drivetrain is becoming increasingly scarcer in not only ICE vehicles, but also EVs. The integration of such a drivetrain therefore confers a unique driving feel upon the Mini Electric. As fun as this feel makes the Mini Electric to drive, the vehicle is also equipped with DSC (dynamic stability control), which offers always-on detection of telemetry and driving needs in order to ensure the best tracking performance in any weather and road conditions. The force feedback adjustment stick, located just to the left of the switch arm, allows for dynamic adjustment of force feedback mechanisms according to the driver’s needs and helps the driver get used to a BEV setting.

In terms of design language, the Mini Electric adopts a proprietary Energetic Yellow, which represents lightning and is used to decorate the radiator shield, left/right signal lights, and the rear S mark, in addition to the rearview mirror cover. With respect to the car interior, the front passenger seat features a dark grey Mini Cooper SE Electric trim with dashes of Energetic Yellow. Also rounding out the purely electric atmosphere of the car are the proprietary electronic Mini Cooper SE gearshift and the stark yellow integrated Mini digital dashboard.

 The Mini Cooper SE

With regards to charging, the Mini Electric makes use of Type1 (J1772) AC and CCS Combo 1 DC charging ports, with a total li-ion battery module capacity of 32.6 kWh and driving range of 234 km. When charging with DC high-speed charging stations, the Mini Electric can charge from 0 to 80% in as little as 36 minutes at a maximum power of 50 kW, while household-use 220V/32Ah AC charging stations also take about 4.7 hours to fully charge the car. Hence, the Mini Electric is perfectly suitable for urban life. Commuting from south to north or taking long trips requires the use of fast charging stations.

PGUM, authorized distributor of BMW and Mini in Taiwan, is constructing 14 new BMW-i high-speed charging stations in conjunction with dealerships across the island. All of these charging stations are estimated to be fully built in 2Q22 at the earliest. As both brands’ EVs are compatible with this charging network, the charging efficiency derived from this build-out is effectively doubled, and long-distance driving in Taiwan for drivers of these EVs will no longer pose a major issue.

Attractive on the outside, smart on the inside

The all-new Mini Electric is capable of remote operation via the Mini App. With a smartphone in hand, Mini Electric owners are able to monitor their vehicle’s battery status and driving range as well as nearby charging stations, making it easy to preplan trips. Via the app, owners are also able to lock/unlock the car doors, control the A/C, monitor the car’s status and location, send destination coordinates to the car ahead of time, and make appointments for car maintenance online – all functions that allow for a more intelligence interaction between the human and the car.

▲ The black and yellow colorway adorns the entire interior and is quite elegant.

The Mini Electric’s design also conforms to BMW’s stringent safety standards. Once collision is detected, the vehicle automatically shuts off all of its electronics components in order to ensure the safety of the driver and the vehicle itself alike. As an EV, the Mini Electric has no engine noise, and as such, the vehicle features a sound effect that activates during slow driving speeds for pedestrian safety. Pedestrians can tell the vehicle’s distance from them using said sound effect, which in turn protects the safety of pedestrians.

The Mini Electric also comes with a collision warning system and lane departure warning system as standard specs. Notably, the former system also includes a pedestrian collision warning system, which kicks in when traveling at 10-60 km/h. Upon detection of pedestrians in front of the car, the system automatically activates the car’s dashboard and alarm blare while also intervening by braking as needed, for a maximum of 1.5 seconds. The lane departure warning system, on the other hand, warns the driver via steering wheel vibration to safely stay on course once the vehicle steers too far from its given lane.

While preordering online, customers have only to pay a mere NT$30,000 deposit to reserve purchase priority, although an official delivery date and retail prices have yet to be revealed.

 (Image: PGUM)

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