65 Million Americans Plan To Go RVing This Year

65 Million Americans Plan To Go RVing This Year


65 Million Americans Plan To Go RVing This Year

Jun 27, 2022 

recent survey of America’s leisure travelers found that 36%, representing 65 million Americans, are planning on going RVing in the next 12 months. Asked their reasons for considering RV travel, the respondents cited an interest in exploring the great outdoors, a desire to travel with children and family members, and flexibility to work or attend school remotely as their top three motivations. The least popular response was unreadiness to take other kinds of trips.

Top destinations include national parks, state parks, the beach, and private campgrounds. Traveling within a 6-hour drive has increased over the past 12 months but travelling 16+ hours is still the top distance for RVers.

The survey data reveals that 79% of RVers say their travel plans are not impacted by gas prices and 78% of RVers plan on taking more or the same amount of weekend trips this year as in previous years.

RVing remains very popular with Millennials, 39% of which say they anticipate traveling by RV more than they have in the past. The opportunity to work or school from the road in an RV is most popular with Gen Zers, 47% of which say they would consider working or schooling remotely in an RV.

Commissioned by the RV Industry Association and conducted by Cairn Consulting, 1,224 surveys were completed by a statistically balanced cross section of U.S. leisure travelers. The survey results have an associated margin of error of +/- 2.74 percentage points. Leisure travelers are defined as any U.S. residents who has taken some type of leisure trip in the past 12 months.

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