The benefits and applications of solar energy

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The advantages and disadvantages:

Compared with other energy use technologies, solar power has its incomparable advantages, mainly in:

The solar energy resources are not exhausted and dangerous, and the resources are widely distributed and limited by geographical constraints;

The main material of solar cells - silicon, abundant raw materials;No mechanical rotating parts, no noise, good stability;

Simple maintenance, low maintenance cost;

The system is a component that can be quickly installed in any place without pollution, completely clean (except batteries).

At the same time, solar power has its drawbacks:

The energy distribution density of solar energy is small, about 100 W/m2;

Annual power generation time is low, average 1300 h;

Cannot generate continuous generation of power, affected by weather conditions such as season, day and night and rain or shine;

Accurate forecasting system power generation is difficult;

The cost of pv system is relatively high, the system cost is 40,000 ~ 60,000 yuan/kW.


Solar power is influenced by season, day and night, rain or shine, but can be scattered, so it is suitable for families, respectively, to generate power, and connection to the power supply network, make families in power when the rich can be sold to the electric power company, when can buy from the company again.The technology that achieves this point is not difficult to solve, the key is to want to have corresponding legal safeguard.In the United States, Japan and other developed countries have enacted laws to guarantee the family benefits of solar power generation and encourage households to generate solar power.

In April 1992, the solar power system was connected to the grid of the power grid in Japan, and some families have started installing solar power equipment.Since 1994, Japan's ministry of labor and industry has adopted a two-thirds system of subsidies for the purchase of solar power plants.It required 1,000 households in the first year and 70,000 households in 2000 to install solar power equipment.

According to the relevant departments of the estimated 21 million personal residence if Japan 80% mount solar power generation equipment, can meet the needs of the national total power of 14%, if the factories and office buildings such as unit housing also for solar power, solar power will account for 30% of the country's electricity - 40%.The most important factor hindering the popularity of solar power is the cost.In order to meet the power needs of the general household, the power generation system of 3 kilowatts needs 6 million to 7 million yen, not including the cost of the installation.Experts say that solar power will be able to reach a minimum of between 1 million and 2 million yen.The key to lowering costs is that solar cells improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Recently, Texas instruments and SCE companies in the United States announced that they have developed a new solar cell, each unit is less than 1 mm in diameter of beads, distribution of myriads of rules in the soft aluminum foil, like many eggs is clingy on paper.There are 1,700 such units in about 50 square centimeters.The new battery features a conversion efficiency of only 8-10%, but cheap.And the foil base lining is soft and solid, can be folded and durable like a cloth, hanging in the xiangyang place can generate electricity, very convenient.Allegedly, the use of this kind of new solar cell, per watt of generating capacity of equipment for only $1.5 to 2, and the cost per watt of generating power can also be used to around 14 cents, can compete with ordinary power plants produce electric power.Each family hangs the battery on a sunny roof and walls, and can get a thousand degrees of electricity a year.

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