solar panel for yacht

Green Technology: the Future of Your Yacht

With the uproar price of fossil fuel, solar energy, as a kind of green energy emerges on the market. And if you`ve visited a boat show recently, you no doubt noticed an increase in yachts boasting eco-friendly technology and “green” credentials. Eco-friendly yachting is the way forward – and with all the incredible advances in green yachting technology, there’s no reason to turn back.This trend towards greener yachting stems from an ever-growing awareness of the impact of diesel-powered boats on the environment. Of course, this includes our precious oceans and the rich marine life they are home to.

1: What is green technology?

Green technology is simply an umbrella term for the application of science and technology to create services and products that have less of a negative impact on the environment and our planet. Let’s have a look at some key aspects of green technology, as it relates to yachts and the boating industry.

Green technology in the yachting industry

Green technology for yachts includes hybrid propulsion technology, where a combination of diesel and electric power are used to propel vessels. Thanks to modern battery advancements, “cleaner” electrical energy can also be stored in reserve and directed back into the vessel’s system, resulting in lessened reliance on diesel generators to run the boat’s appliances. Read more about the incredible green sailing machines and the accompanying technologies that are changing the face of the yachting industry – while also being kinder to our environment.                    

solar panel for yacht

2: Three tips for conserving energy on your yacht

Greener sailing doesn’t necessarily depend on you installing eco-friendly technology on your yacht. Here are 3 quick and easy tips for instantly reducing power consumption on your boat:

Keep your yacht fridge and freezer full

Bring your stocked fridges and freezers down to the appropriate temperature on the dock, while they are still connected to shore power. Once you set out on your cruise, use bags of ice or frozen water bottles to keep these appliances at the correct temperature.

Replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs

Do this both above and below deck. Halogen bulbs are a significant drain on battery power, and they heat up the yacht interior as well.

Turn off the inverter  

When not in use, turn off your yacht’s inverter. If you use it to boost your battery output from 12/24V to 220V, it can drain your batteries rapidly.

3: How you can make your yacht greener

If your yacht is yet to be constructed, you can discuss your options for incorporating green and eco-friendly yacht technology with your yacht construction company (or contact us for some expert advice!) Here are 2 eco-friendly yacht technology upgrades to reduce your yacht’s carbon footprint and make it kinder to the environment:

Pick the right battery for your yacht`s energy requirements

Generating green power is all good and well, but if that power is not stored efficiently, there is not much point. With sophisticated battery monitoring, it is simple to determine and record how much power the various appliances on your yacht are using. 

Install a water turbine

There have been significant advancements in solar power in recent years, but charging your yacht’s battery while you are underway still takes some time. If you are looking for a fast-charge solution while on passage, consider a water turbine, which only sacrifices a small amount of speed for lots and lots of amps. Whether they are transom-mounted or permanently installed during construction, water turbines can be optimised for the hull’s speed (and other hull conditions) by altering the prop pitch.

4: Five top tips for green technology yacht living

If you would like to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle while exploring the world by boat, here are 5 great tips for more sustainable, eco-conscious ocean living.                           

solar panel for yacht

Use eco-friendly cleaning products on your yacht

The chemical waste you produce and the cleaning products you use onboard will end up in the ocean. Here you can find some great tips and information for greener onboard cleaning.

(2)Do away with single-use products

A quick way to reduce your plastic footprint and be more eco-friendly is to switch to reusable products. How many plastic water bottles, drinking straws, shopping bags and coffee cups have you thrown in the trash while out on a cruise, without even thinking?

(3)Use reef-safe, non-toxic sunscreen

Think of the coral reefs. They may look like chunks of underwater rock that simply shelter fish and other sea creatures. But they are actually extremely sensitive living organisms that are profoundly affected by the toxic chemicals in most sunscreens.When shopping for sunscreen, look for the reef-safe symbol on the packaging before you make your purchase. Also be sure to check the ingredients list to ensure your sunscreen is free from toxic chemicals; such as Octinoxate and Oxybenzone.

(4)Organise a crew beach clean-up

Cleaning washed-up garbage from beaches is a great way to give back to the planet and do our bit to help the ocean. It is also a great bonding exercise for sailing buddies and an ideal way to make other beachgoers aware of the hazards of discarded waste to marine life.

(5)Go meat-free on certain days

The meat industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gasses, which, in turn, leads to global warming. With all the fresh seafood available on a cruise, going meat-free for a day or two a week is not hard at all. Vegetarian or pescatarian eating is not only delicious; it's super healthy too! As you can see, turning your home on the water into an eco-friendly yacht is entirely possible.

Considering buying a yacht and want to learn more about incorporating green technology during its construction? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d love to discuss all the various “greening” options with you. Remember, if we all do our bit, we can make a significant difference to the fate of the planet – including its oceans. For more great tips on how to protect the environment while adventuring out on the open sea. Keep following with SOLARPARTS to learn more information.

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