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Balcony Power Plant: An Optimal Alternative for Roof-top Solar System

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It is common to see that solar panels are installed on house`s roofs as an energy plant. Roof-mounted solar panels not only save the owner`s space, but can optimize the light of the Sun at greatest extent. With the development of PV industry, many people are also seeking new application scenarios of solar panel. And the balcony power plant are gradually emerging. PV modules being only visible on house roofs or solar plants is now a thing of the past.

SOLARPARTS continuously explores new fields of applications for photovoltaic elements, designing and customer-tailoring advanced solar solutions according to customer ideas.

  • Onto facades, we integrate photovoltaic modules of different sizes and shapesas well as different glass surfaces and color shades.
  • By integrating solar panels, your carport turns into a “green” power plant to generate your own electricity for your home or your future e-mobility.
  • We provide customized solar elements according to your needs.

When planning the installation of a solar balcony systems, the sun orientation is of vital importance. The solar yields are the greatest when the balcony faces south sides. This direction ensures to catch the highest solar radiation. But also when facing to he east-south and west direction, the solar radiation may result into considerable yields by implementing intelligent power optimizers.                          

solar balcony

The balcony or terrace parapet/ railing/ grid construction itself as well as solar storage systems and electrical integration options, etc. should be coordinated and discussed in advance with local/ regional balcony builders and electric/ solar installers. All metal or timber construction, installation and construction works as well as the electrical installation need to be carried out by local craftsmen & installers on site.               

Due to easy access, the planning and installation of photovoltaic modules as solar balcony solutions is much easier than solar installations on roof-tops. Our solar balcony elements are simply mounted to the sides or floor. Furthermore, conventional railings do not show any economic benefits. But apart from the economical aspect, solar balcony modules feature further major advantages.

Every owner of a solar system knows that the shiny blue or black front of solar modules only covers a rather ugly back sight. A complete assembly kit commonly includes visible cable routings and junction boxes - what is very much inacceptable for such an aesthetic highlight as a solar balcony. This is why SOLARPARTS skilfully plans its solar balcony modules with covering cable routings and connection points by wire conducts. Our customer decides upon the desired glass surfaces and color shades of our double-glass modules.                     

solar balcony

SOLARPARTS designs, plans and manufactures solar panels to meet your different solar needs. Whether it is roof-mounted, wall-mounted or balcony power plant, the various series solar panels manufactured by SOLARPARTS can never let you down. Keep following with us, we will provide more specific information with you. Contact us now!

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