Solar VS Wind, Which is Better?

Solar VS Wind, Which is Better?

As we all know, solar energy and wind energy are both renewable energy without any pollution. But some people may still confused about choosing solar energy or wind energy. With growing concern about the environment and sustainable development, everyone is focusing more and more on practices that achieve environmental conservation and sustainability. From large industries to small households, people everywhere are now more mindful of their activities and their effects on the environment. This rise in awareness has also caused a rise in people choosing renewable energy.

In the case of renewable energy, there are many options. In this article, we will discuss which remains better, wind or solar. Below we are comparing wind energy and solar energy to gain insight into the effectiveness of the options.

Wind energy


  • Since it is produced domestically, it reduces imports from other nations.
  • Wind turbines are installed in rural areas with large plain grounds, facilitating power availability in villages.
  • It is inexhaustible and does not cause air pollution.
  • It can work in the day, night, and cloudy weather.


  • Turbines produce noise.
  • Unpredictable source
  • Wind turbines can be damaged by wind and lightning in rough weather
  • Wind farms are usually located in remote areas, which can make transmission more hectic and expensive.

Solar energy


  • Solar panelsdon't make noise.
  • You can install the panels on rooftops and ground too.
  • This source is more predictable.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • You can install solar panels of different sizes into various devices.
  • SOLARPARTScan install solar panels in a solar farm for mass use or installed for personal uses at homes, offices, and business units.


  • This source is highly weather-dependent. It may have some problems operating at night and in rough weather.
  • Though solar panels don't require much maintenance, they are fragile, which means you must take special care during installation.
  • Selecting the right place for installation can be tricky.
  • Storing the electricity in batteries is expensive.
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    solar energy

Advantages of solar energy over wind power

Wind energy and solar panels are used widely, too, making the answer will be solar energy if we focus on which one is more common.

  • Scale

With solar panels, large solar farms can be established that can generate energy on a massive scale. Also, solar energy is more predictable than wind energy.

  • Easy installation

To install wind turbines, you need vast land, free of any barrier, but this is not the case with solar panels that you can easily install on the ground provided by houses.

  • Capacity

The sun is a great source of energy that can generate a tremendous amount of power. The enormous amount of energy generated using solar energy is much more than that of wind.

  • Less maintenance

If we talk in terms of maintenance, then solar panels are better than wind turbines. Solar panels work effectively for up to 30 years and require a lot less keeping.

  • Noise

Another advantage that solar panels have over wind turbines is that they do not produce noise.

What is cost-effective?

The installation of wind energy costs around Rs. 1-6 crore depending on the technology providing company, the scale of plant, and other factors, a tax break of 80% is available as depreciation for the first year. The operation cost, including insurance, costs Rs. 40,000-50,000 every year.

For solar panels, the current rate of solar panel installation is around Rs. 7 per watt in India. If you want to install a plant of 10kW, it will cost you Rs. 70,000, and the maintenance and operating costs of solar panels are comparatively less. Also, you will benefit from Government subsidies. Here, we can say that solar energy is more cost-efficient than wind energy. At SOLARPARTS, you can choose from a wide variety of panels that you can utilize for residential and commercial purposes at affordable prices.

solar energy

What is the better option?

In this article, we have covered all the information regarding both options.We have also compared them based on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and their advantages and limitations. Both the options are promising and a great alternative to exhaustible fuels, but solar power here takes the crown for being a better option as it is comparatively less expensive. It can save produced power and can be installed at small places, making it ideal for residential and commercial purposes. So if you're wondering about, "is solar energy renewable or non-renewable and if you should choose it?" Then the answer is yes!

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