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How Long It will Take for Solar Panel Installation 2/2

Last time we talked about the general process of solar panel installation, this time we will continue to focus on the factors that affect how long will it take to install a solar system. In an ideal world, all solar panel installation timelines would be the same, giving homeowners and businesses and accurate date from the start for when their new system will be up and running. However, various factors come into play that can add time or delay your solar energy project. Some of the main factors include:

1: HOA approval

On top of local government licensing, you'll also need to notify your HOA that you're going to install solar panels if applicable. Your HOA may have a special approval process to ensure it meets the requirements within your neighborhood. Failing to alert your HOA can sometimes result in a fine or the need to remove the installation until you get proper approval, depending on your HOA's rules.

2: Roof repairs

Solar systems can last a long time, but your roof may not be in the proper condition to handle your new installation for that long. If you've had the same roof for many years, you may need to repair or replace it before installing your solar panels to ensure you won't have to remove them when you need an inevitable roof replacement. Ensuring your roof is stable will also prevent your solar panels from taking on any unnecessary damage.                         

roof-mounted solar panel

3: Unpermitted structures

If you've built any structures on your property that were unpermitted by your local government, they may require you to get approval or remove the structure before installing solar panels. Getting additional permits or removing structures can add time to your solar panel project.

4: Equipment availability

Due to the seasonality of solar, equipment availability will vary at different times of the year. Key components may be in low stock or completely unavailable, meaning you may have to wait until enough is in stock to complete your solar project.                          

roof-mounted solar panel

While these factors can affect your project timeline, solar is still a worthwhile investment, helping you save on your monthly utility costs and reducing your carbon footprint. Once your solar panels are installed, you may be wondering how long it'll take for the system to recover the investment you put into it. Here are the steps to calculating the payback period for your solar system:

  • Determine the average electricity usage for your home: The higher your electricity bill before solar panels, the shorter your estimated payback period should be as soon as your panels are generating power. 
  • Determine the total cost of the system:The total cost of solar panels includes the gross price of the panels, equipment, installation and maintenance before factoring in incentives. 
  • Determine your annual benefits: Homes with solar panels are often eligible for solar incentives, rebates and federal tax credits. Your state may also offer incentives for solar installations. 
  • Divide your combined costs from your benefits: This number should be the years it will take to fully recover the investment and begin to gain financially from a solar system. 

SOLARPARTS can provide you with all-round information throughout the entire solar panel installation process. We also can help with repairs to ensure your new solar system lasts as long as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about solar installations or want to determine how long your payback period will take, contact us at SOLARPARTS today to get started.

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