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Distributed Photovoltaic problem: High Current Inverter Successfully Solved

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Since the development of distributed photovoltaic, PV market has embraced good response. The market share is gradually increasing that reflects bright perspective of distributed photovoltaic. But there are also many problems to be solved urgently. Take household photovoltaic and commercial rooftop power stations as examples.

The problem faced by household photovoltaic lies in poor professionalism and lack of standardized management awareness. In some county-level local installers lack normative operation, and the technical management level is not in place, which is particularly obvious; In some areas with poor power grid, power generation and power generation income are the most concerned by farmers, but they are difficult to solve for a while. Another problem is that due to the dispersion of household photovoltaic, the difficulty of later operation and maintenance will increase. Therefore, it is very necessary to build a strong after-sales service team.      

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Industrial and commercial rooftop power stations need to face a large number and variety of customer groups and different needs. Faced with challenges mainly in component mismatch. In the process of advancing the whole county, industrial and commercial roofs will encounter various installation situations, including sunny or shady surfaces, and then tiled roofs. Because of the consideration of illumination and environmental factors, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the harsh environment with extremely strong illumination, high temperature and bad climate, and meet the diversified installation requirements of roofs.

In view of this, aiming at the practical application problems of household photovoltaic and industrial and commercial rooftop power stations, Developed a high-current inverter, which is intended to improve and enhance the use experience and power generation efficiency of distributed photovoltaics. In terms of household photovoltaics, single-phase household inverter products are introduced for low-power household needs, with efficient conversion efficiency, which greatly ensures the safe and stable operation of products; In terms of industrial and commercial rooftop power stations, according to the demand of commercial high power, high-power inverters are introduced, and the conversion efficiency continues to rise. They have multi-channel MPPT and high-precision intelligent cluster detection functions, with strong heat dissipation and strong performance.                    

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In addition, there are other designs with dependent functions or technologies. Effectively solved the problem of distributed photovoltaic, which is a successful upgrade of high-current inverter, and is worthy of emulation and admiration by the industry. Only by finding out the shortcomings in the use of photovoltaic products in time, making targeted responses and improvements to them, and enhancing customers' purchasing confidence, can the road ahead of distributed photovoltaic become smoother and more spacious.

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