Three Important Factors Affecting Rooftop PV Revenue

Three Important Factors Affecting Rooftop PV Revenue

Under the influence of the national new energy strategic guidance and policy support, the concept of developing green energy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the development of science and technology, the construction and installation cost of photovoltaic power generation continues to decline. Now, more and more people use their own roof to install solar photovoltaic power generation. People are most concerned about how much income can be brought by investing in household photovoltaic power generation. Therefore, SOLARPARTS will discuss household distributed photovoltaic power stations in this paper. The inclination of household photovoltaic power generation is not a myth. These three factors have a great impact on income.

Many people who have installed home photovoltaic power generation systems reflect that the power generation effect of their own installed photovoltaic power stations is not good, and there is a large gap between the ideal efficiency. Is it because the installation angle of photovoltaic panels is not at the best inclination angle? For example, in Shanghai, the latitude is 31 degrees, while the inclination angle of the photovoltaic panel installed by the company is only 23 degrees, which is about 10 degrees different from the theoretical optimal angle. Will this cause a significant reduction in power generation efficiency?

The inclination angle of household photovoltaic power generation is not a myth. The so-called optimal inclination angle, in a narrow sense, is the angle where the photovoltaic panel receives the largest amount of solar radiation. It is a factor affecting the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation, but in practical operation, it does not determine everything. Not to mention that the optimal inclination is a dynamic value, the installation environment of household photovoltaic power generation system alone is very different. Even if you install all at the optimal inclination, the income will be very different.

So what factors will have an important impact on photovoltaic power generation? As follows:


What is the importance of safety before safety benefits? Some household photovoltaic power generation systems are installed on the roofs of 2 and 3 floors, and some are installed on the roofs of 20 and 30 floors. If the installation is unreasonable, there will be great potential safety hazards.

  1. The design is unreasonable. For example, in order to pursue the best inclination angle and install at an angle of more than 30 degrees, the 10 meter long photovoltaic array will have a support height of 6 meters, which has high requirements for the building structure and steel frame structure of the roof, and the collapse of the roof photovoltaic power station occurs from time to time.
  2. Without considering the later maintenance, many families have photovoltaic power generation.Photovoltaic panels cover the whole roof, and some have to float out, just like buying a house, taking up as much area as possible. As everyone knows, the later maintenance can hardly be carried out, and the cost is far greater than the income.


"It doesn't matter if I cover an area of 150 square meters of photovoltaic panels". This is the wrong idea because I don't understand the photovoltaic power generation system. A small amount of virtual shade shielding will not have a great impact, but even a little close-up real shade shielding may cause 10% loss and even damage photovoltaic power generation devices, which directly leads to a decline in revenue. Orientation

Household photovoltaic power generation generally relies on houses to install photovoltaic panels. Although most houses in China are north-south oriented, there are many East-West orientations. Moreover, with the diversification of architectural styles, multi-faceted villa roofs are also very common. If household photovoltaic power generation focuses on income, it is not recommended to install photovoltaic panels in the East, West and North, and it is appropriate to install photovoltaic panels in the due south or about 15 degrees of deviation.

The above are three important factors affecting photovoltaic power generation. In addition, site area utilization and environmental factors are also very important. According to the actual situation, the reasonable design of photovoltaic power generation system can maximize the income. Welcome to SOLARPARTS for more information.

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