Remarkable Achievements of Photovoltaic Driven Desert Irrigation

Remarkable Achievements of Photovoltaic Driven Desert Irrigation

In Xinjiang, China, the solar power generation system along the highway shelter forest in the hinterland of Taklimakan desert has become a new type of green energy in recent years. According to statistics, the 98th solar power generation system installed has been completed. The highway shelter forest irrigation project known as the "dead desert" in China is under way. The layout of solar power generation system in the desert is of great significance. It can not only provide electric irrigation for the shelter forest along the line, but also play a role in road maintenance. Then, driven by the solar power generation system, what gratifying changes have been made in the so-called "dead desert" highway shelter forest irrigation project in China?

1:Water conservation, desert oasis reappearance

With the shelter of the solar power generation system and its supporting auxiliary infrastructure, it can effectively reduce water evaporation, increase air humidity, speed up the land internal circulation of air, and the native animals and plants in the desert area begin to return, which is conducive to the restoration of desert vegetation, and finally form a desert oasis, enriching the ecological diversity and biodiversity of the desert area.


2:Windbreak and sand fixation to ensure smooth transportation

The desert area is deep inland, and its unique terrain and climate environment have created a hot and dry weather appearance of flying sand and rocks. Protective forests are arranged along the highway to prevent the roads from being eroded and damaged by the wind and sand. To a certain extent, it can slow down the pace of wind and sand movement and ensure the safety and accessibility of transportation.

3:Water and soil conservation to reduce production losses

For farmers, the wind carries away not only sediment, but also the land resources they depend on for survival. The construction of shelter forests has weakened the strength and strength of the wind to a certain extent, water and soil can be conserved and kept fundamental, the loss of agricultural production will be reduced, and the farmers' economic income and happiness index will be improved, thanks to the construction of photovoltaic driven highway shelter forests.

The reappearance of desert oasis has shown us the hope of greening the desert. At the same time, it has also proved the feasibility of desert layout solar power generation system. In the future, solar power generation will play a greater role in desertification control. Let's wait and see.


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