How to Select Vehicle-mounted Solar Panels and How to Install?

How to Select Vehicle-mounted Solar Panels and How to Install?

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As a kind of green energy, solar energy has large capacity and strong compatibility. It can match most of the electrical equipment in the market and is deeply loved by car owners. It is especially suitable for the installation and modification of RV or self driving car. In this convenient era, it is not difficult to travel. Do you know how to choose a solar panel according to your car body and usage? Here, SOLARPARTS provides you with reference:

At present, no matter what model, the car body itself is irregular. In order to have a beautiful atmosphere, reduce wind resistance and improve the comfort of driving experience, the design is mostly streamlined or spindle. Therefore, this problem must be considered when installing solar panels. Solarparts monocrystalline silicon flexible solar panels can be installed on curved surfaces, with good bending resistance and flexibility, and the maximum bending degree can reach more than 20 degrees; It is made of high-performance monocrystalline silicon, with good heat dissipation, ultra-high weather resistance and corrosion resistance; The photoelectric conversion efficiency is over 21%. Monocrystalline silicon flexible solar panels are undoubtedly the first choice for the retrofitting of RV or self driving vehicle.   


It's not enough just to choose a product that meets your own needs. I believe that many travelers will find it difficult to install it. SOLARPARTS will solve it for you here. The installation process of solar panels is simple. You only need to operate step by step:

First, paste: determine the installation position and then paste it. Select a special 3M double-sided foam adhesive with high temperature resistance and strong adhesion to paste it on the back of the solar panel, and then turn back and paste it on the roof to determine the installation position.

Secondly, paste again; Paste with special sealing silicone for solar energy (Note: special sealing silicone for solar energy has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, aging resistance, etc., which can make the paste more firm).

Thirdly, wiring: after the above steps are completed, the wiring starts. It is necessary to introduce the transmission line on the roof into the vehicle. Considering the different vehicle models, the wiring can usually be introduced from the place where there is a gap at the window rubber edge outside the vehicle (if conditions permit, the wiring can also be introduced through the sunroof, trunk or engine compartment).

Finally, connect the battery: that is, the most important step, that is, the connection with the battery, which can be started from two aspects: one is directly connected to the battery in the engine compartment, the other is connected to the battery through the cigarette lighter in the car, and the latter has a drawback, that is, due to the flameout and power failure of the car key, power failure occasionally occurs, and the final installation can be completed by connecting other equipment in the car that needs power supply through the battery.  


The above is the roof installation method of vehicle-mounted solar panels. Some people may ask, since the roof can be installed, how should the installation in the vehicle be done? Don't worry. SOLARPARTS also provides you with guidance. Compared with the installation method of the roof, the installation in the car is simpler. Under the condition that the safe driving is not affected, the front and rear windscreens can be installed. They are fixed on the base with long strip plates, and the rear windscreens can be directly placed on the instrument desk. The wiring and connecting the battery are the same as the roof.

Special note: as the solar panel installed in the vehicle is separated from the windshield, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is far less than that installed on the roof, so the installation should be cautious. Considering that some travel clubs are equipped with controllers, it should be noted that the positive and negative poles of the solar panel should be correctly connected to the PV positive and negative ports of the control, and then connected from the output battery port of the controller to the battery positive and negative poles (the controller should be connected to the battery before the solar panel).

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