solar panels for home

Why Solar Energy?

Environmental sustainability is among the agendas of many countries since the start of this millennium. In fact, environmental sustainability is the seventh of the millennium development goals set by the United Nations. It is also emphasised that developed countries like Singapore have a huge role to play in the world’s effort for sustainable development. Thus, we introduce the “solar panels for your home” initiative.

solar panels for home

As an energy supplier in the country, Solarparts' answer to this call is the use of solar energy in Singapore as an alternative to burning fossil fuels to generate electricity through our solar panels for home projects. With solar panel installations, homes and businesses can have access to cleaner energy sources, making solar leasing a very crucial project to address the threats of global warming.


Solar PV system integration takes 3-6 months depending on the size of the roof and the system. Solarparts will take measures to ensure timely project delivery.

Complimentary Consultation

Our specialist will schedule a time with you to explain the whole process in order to equip you with all the right knowledge & information to make an informed buying decision before installing our solar panels for your home.

Customized Solar Proposal

You will receive a no-obligation customised proposal based on your roof layout & energy needs.


The entire installation process of solar panels will be performed & supervised by our highly trained & experienced in-house workers & engineers.

solar panels for home

Testing & Commissioning

Your solar PV system will be safe for use as it will be tested & endorsed by a License Electrical Working (LEW). The appointed LEW will then liaise with Singapore Power for bi-directional meter change & commissioning.


Your solar PV system should be up & running by now, producing electricity for your home!

Guide On Choosing The Right Solar Panels For Home

Solar panels for homes and offices are now prevalent in Singapore. Since they offer clean and renewable energy, it is good to know that solar panels for your home are now within your reach. If you are interested in having solar panels, here are some factors to consider before investing in solar panels for home use:

Number or Size of the Solar Panels

The number of solar panels for your home may vary depending on your requirements and budget. If you will depend entirely on solar panels to power your household, that may take several solar panels to be installed.

solar panels for home

Area for Installation

The roof is the area where solar panels for homes are typically installed. Flat roofs are more ideal for solar panels as they can gather more solar energy throughout the day with this angle.


It is good to save up and invest in solar panels for your home to enjoy greater savings in the long run. Do factor in that apart from buying solar panels, you will also need to pay for the installation service and in some cases construction service (if your roof is not solar panel ready).

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