Whether Cloudy Days Affect Solar Panels

Whether Cloudy Days Affect Solar Panels

The short answer is yes, solar panels work on cloudy days. Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells will still generate energy even when light is partially blocked or reflected by clouds. But there are a few things to consider when determining how much energy your panels can produce on those particularly overcast days. 

Sunny conditions typically indicate fewer clouds in the sky, and thus less blockage between the sun and your panels. However, clouds can have a magnifying effect on sunlight thanks to their reflective properties. In some cases, this can improve the performance of your solar panels. However, direct sunlight is much more reliable for solar energy production. While indirect sunlight on cloudy days will still generate power, direct sunlight gives you a more consistent, maximized energy output. You won’t have to rely on your utility company to power your home as long as you have a consistent energy source, which is less likely on cloudy days.


Direct sunlight also results in your panels generating more energy than you need, which will go back into the city’s grid and provide you with credit via net metering. Fortunately, you can tap into those energy credits to power your home on cloudy days when you need them most.

Compared to bright, sunny weather, solar panels produce about 10% to 25% of their normal energy output on cloudy days. But this doesn’t mean that solar panels aren’t worth investing in. If you live in a place that’s generally overcast with a rainy climate, installing a solar panel system is still very common. The cost of electricity in an area matters more than the amount of sunlight it sees in terms of saving money. 

The more efficient your solar panels are, the more energy they’ll produce in cloudy conditions. The same goes for the type of PV cells that your solar panels are made of. Some solar cells are able to capture a broader range of UV light, such as red and blue wavelengths. This contributes to higher energy production in various weather conditions, including cloudy days. 

Solarparts@-rigid series solar panel are the most efficient solar panels on the market, and thus able to produce more energy than those ranked below it. It is made from SP highest-efficiency solar cells that can resist power loss coated with advanced encapsulation material with multi-layered sheet laminations to enhance cell performance and provide long-lasting durability. Using corrosion-resistant aluminum material that can withstand the changing outdoor environment to improve the performance of solar panels and makes them more durable. And believe it or not, they also have an excellent performance in the low light environment. 


Therefore, even if you live in a cloudy city, solar panels are still a viable investment. Contact SOLARPARTS today if you’re ready to make the switch to solar. 

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