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Common Operation and Maintenance Matters of PV System

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In summer, thunderstorm weather is frequent, and it coincides with the peak period of power consumption. During this period, owners or enterprises that have installed photovoltaic power generation systems should strengthen detection and prevention, and take preventive measures in advance to reduce the damage caused by thunderstorms and snow to PV power generation systems.

Here are some common problems and corresponding solutions, which I hope will be useful to you.

1:Will house shadows, leaves and even bird droppings on photovoltaic modules affect the power generation system?

In this case, the blocked photovoltaic cells will be in a "sleep" state and consumed as a load. Once the blocked cells are heated, it is easy to form a hot spot effect. As a result, the PV power generation system decreases sharply, and photovoltaic modules are even burned seriously.

2:Will photovoltaic modules still work in rainy days or haze? Will there be power shortage or power failure?

 In rainy days or haze days, the solar irradiance is relatively low, and the photovoltaic modules still generate electricity under weak light. As long as the starting conditions of the inverter are met, the PV power generation system will work normally. When the photovoltaic system does not work, the load will automatically switch to the grid for power supply, so there is no power shortage and power failure.

3:Will there be insufficient power in winter when it is cold?

The factors that affect the power generation are the irradiation intensity, sunshine duration and the working temperature of photovoltaic modules. In winter, the irradiation intensity will be weak, the sunshine duration will be shortened, and the power generation will be reduced compared with summer. The distributed PV power generation system will generally be connected to the power grid. When the power grid is continuously powered, the household load will not suffer from power shortage and power failure.                        

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4:Does it need to disconnect the photovoltaic power generation system in thunderstorm weather?

Generally, PV power generation systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so they do not need to be disconnected. In order to ensure safety, you can choose to disconnect the circuit breaker switch of the combiner box and cut off the circuit connection with the photovoltaic module, so as to avoid the harm caused by the failure of the lightning protection module to remove the direct lightning strike. The operation and maintenance personnel shall timely detect the performance of the lightning protection module to avoid the harm caused by the failure of the lightning protection module.

5:Does the lightning protection of home decoration system only need the component frame to be grounded for lightning protection?

The frame of the DC terminal component is grounded, and the DC surge protector is added when the installation is high. In addition, the AC side also needs to be equipped with AC surge protector, which can play the role of multiple protection.

6:How to clean photovoltaic modules?

The cleaning of photovoltaic modules is simple, which can be cleaned by rainwater without special maintenance. If you encounter adhesive dirt, you can simply wipe it with a soft cloth and clean water. It is recommended to use a soft brush and clean and mild water when cleaning the glass surface of photovoltaic modules. The force used during cleaning should be small to avoid damaging the glass surface. For modules with coated glass, attention should be paid to avoid damaging the coating layer

7:Is there a risk of electric shock when wiping with water?

There will be no danger of electric shock, and the PV power generation system and components are insulated and grounded. However, in order to avoid electric shock injury and possible damage to the components when wiping the components under high temperature and strong light, it is recommended to clean the components in the morning or late afternoon.              

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8:Do you need to clear the snow on PV modules after snow?

How to clean? When heavy snow is accumulated, manual cleaning is required. You can use soft objects to push the snow down, and be careful not to scratch the glass.

9:Can I step on the components for cleaning?

The components have a certain bearing capacity, but you can't step on them to clean them, which will cause hidden cracks and affect the power generation and service life of the components.

Through the introduction of examples, we would like to remind you to read the relevant operation and maintenance guidelines of PV power generation system. We should strictly abide by the operation manuals of various components of the system, and regularly inspect, clean and maintain the photovoltaic system to ensure the safe and stable operation of PV system. 

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