Industrial Quality in a Compact Form

Each mini solar panel uses SunPower cells mounted onto a double sided PCB using an SMT process.
  • 22%+ Efficient SunPower cells
  • Long term UV resistant ETFE coating
  • Lab and field tested for temperature cycling, vibration, and combined heat, humidity and UV




Easy, Waterproof Mounting Options

High bonding gaskets are available for the mini solar panels.
  • Create secure and waterproof bond between the panel and enclosure
  • Simple, clean and easily replicable application process



Quality control and safety

  • Rigorous quality control meets the highest international standards.
  • High efficiency solar cells to meet the customers' requirements.
  • High quality fibergalss PCB insure the long life span of the solar panels.
  • FCC/CE/RoHS/ErP.




Customized design  SOLAR PANEL

  • Shape: square, rectangle, triangle, tetragonum(parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid), round, fanshaped, arch, circle and polygon.
  • solar cell: poly or mono high efficiency of 16.5%-23%(Q-cell, Bosch cell and Sunpower cell, ect.)
  • service life: 5-7years(PET mini solar panel)
  • usage: our clients use the panel for solar lighting-solar lamps, solar garden lights, solar lantern ect., solar charger and thousands of solar applications.

 New design SMT small sunpower PV panel 0.1W-1.5W

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