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PV Intel announces Solar Development Training consulting service

PV Intel announces Solar Development Training consulting service

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PV Intel announces Solar Development Training consulting service


The United States is projected to double the total amount of installed solar PV by the end of 2025, with annual deployments growing by over 500% – to 100 GW of capacity a year  by the end of the decade. This major increase in solar installations will also require a major increase in professionals to develop these projects.

“This is the largest wealth creation opportunity of our lifetimes,” Jigar Shah, solar entrepreneur and Department of Energy professional. “There will be nothing else that will produce more wealth, more jobs, more work.”

PV Intel is a solar intelligence company that provides actionable insights and customized solutions by compiling, analyzing, and distilling data to accelerate the energy transition. PV Intel has gathered a network of experts to share their solar development knowledge and experience through its Solar Development Training consulting service. Skilled industry professionals, such as licensed electrical and civil engineers, provide the training and documents needed to develop solar projects at scale. PV Intel also provides the knowledge and tools to find a suitable parcel of land to develop your solar project from the very start.

Part of the training includes working through a real project with the potential to evolve into an actual solar development opportunity.

The focus here is on solar PV projects that are sized in the 250kW to 7MW range, which generally involves an investment of between $500,000 to $10,000,000. The US will deploy an estimated 950 million solar panels by 2030 as part of the $370 billion allocated for renewables and climate resilience in the recent Inflation Reduction Act.

“One of the biggest things that distinguishes our training curriculum is that we focus on a smaller, more manageable size range for projects.” According to PV Intel’s CEO, Jason O’Leary. “This entry point into the market is more approachable and agile, compared to larger utility-scale projects in the 200 MW+ range, for example. Those projects are already well represented by the very big players. Part of democratizing the process of energy transitions is offering affordable, reliable tools and skills to entrepreneurs and other smaller investors who want to get started in the solar power market, but just don’t know how.”

Ideal candidates for the training program include entrepreneurs, land owners, land professionals, lawyers, real estate developers, financiers, investors.

The PV Intel team has more than 40 years of combined professional experience in disciplines ranging from construction and development to media and communications – all focused exclusively on the solar industry. The training experience is customized to provide exactly what is needed to get started developing projects in the solar industry.

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