Belinus: 5 GW PV module factories in Belgium and Georgia

Belinus: 5 GW PV module factories in Belgium and Georgia

Belinus: 5 GW PV module factories in Belgium and Georgia

The first phase of the 500 MW TopCon PV module production line will create 128 jobs locally in the solar energy field, and the second phase will be exceeding 1GW TBC line.

The new factory allows Belinus to tighten its distributorship network and presence not just around Europe but to target the US market too, the company announced. Belinus will continue its expansion drive with leading Tier1 manufacturers. Belinus has started in working with 2 out of the World’s Top 5 retained executive search firms for the Plant Manager and Group CEO positions to speed up the process of meeting the high demand needs of the targeted customers, the company stated.

Up to 22% efficiency

“The demand for Belinus products and solar solutions is even higher than expected and forecasted. we are already in active negotiations with local government officials to start the production by the end of the first quarter of 2024. In addition, we recently enforced our strength on the 35 years warranty insurance, and we will made the annoucement during InterSolar Europe in June” – says Francis Rome, the Chairman of Belinus.

It is worth highlighting that Belinus is well known as the only producer of ultra-black double-glass IBC PV modules. Recently the jury of Solar Solutions (Amsterdam) and Be Positive (Lyon) has chosen the product to be nominated as the innovation of 2023 in solar energy solutions categories. Thanks to its size, very high efficiency and long lifespan, the Belinus IBC ultra-black double-glass panel is a cost-effective product with up to 22% efficiency. (hcn)

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