What You Need to Know about Household PV Projects

What You Need to Know about Household PV Projects

With the acceleration of the integration process of photovoltaic buildings, photovoltaic power stations are not limited to building on the roof. In some big cities, there are precedents for installing solar panels on the walls of some specially treated houses, and photovoltaic buildings are constantly developing in depth.

How to declare the installation of household power generation projects?

Home decoration photovoltaic power generation projects should know that roof installation home photovoltaic power generation projects have requirements for roof area. If residents are asked to live in villas or self built houses in rural areas, they can meet the conditions of national subsidies for solar photovoltaic power generation projects, and only the community property issues a certificate of approval for installation. If it is a resident living in a unit building or a high-rise building, considering the wiring problem, the request of the resident whose floor is close to the top of the building is more reasonable, and the approval is given priority. If you are satisfied with the installation conditions stipulated by the power company, you can go to the local power business hall to make a request with your ID card, household register, house property certificate or house property right certificate.

Installation and grid connection process of grid connected power generation system

Next, the power department will investigate how the photovoltaic power generation system is connected to the power grid system on site, and issue a letter of opinion on the access system according to the site conditions. Residents shall invite professional construction units to plan and install by letter based on the opinions of the access system, and then request the power supply company for grid connection inspection and commissioning after the construction is completed. Finally, the power department arranged staff to inspect the installation, install meters, and sign a grid connection agreement with citizens.


Does the power generation equipment affect the power grid?

In the face of the blooming photovoltaic power generation projects, some citizens may not help asking whether there will be a negative impact on the power safety of the large power grid if everyone is installing them? Is there radiation and pollution in photovoltaic power generation?

In this regard, power experts have shown that the total installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects is far from reaching the level enough to affect the power safety of the entire power grid, but when installing the photovoltaic power generation project, we must install "anti isolated conductor protection" equipment together, so as to complete the real sense of grid connection and avoid the situation that photovoltaic power stations are still transmitting electricity when there is a large-scale power outage. Experts also said that whether there is radiation in the recovery of photovoltaic power generation panels mainly depends on its material. If it is crystalline silicon solar cells, there is not much pollution in the recovery.

What are the advantages of installing photovoltaic power stations?

Take the rooftop photovoltaic power station as an example. 

First of all, the photovoltaic power station installed on the roof can play a role in heat insulation, which has a good heat insulation effect. By reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning in summer, it can achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. In this process, every 1 kwh of photovoltaic power generated by photovoltaic is equivalent to reducing the incineration of 0.4KG standard coal, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 1kg, and reducing dust by 0.27kg. The effect of improving our living environment cannot be underestimated.

Secondly, the peak of photovoltaic power generation in the whole year is in summer, and most of the serious power problems in the country are in summer. From the perspective of national power consumption, photovoltaic can make up for the power shortage in summer. After all, photovoltaic power generation is carried out in the daytime, and the electricity used in social business activities is mainly used in the daytime. Photovoltaic power generation is just matched with the time and needs of electricity consumption.


Finally, roof photovoltaic power generation does not occupy expensive land resources, and local power generation and local grid connection consumption are typical methods for the country to vigorously promote the use of distributed energy.

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