Keruft-Mini E Series: Enjoy the Fun of DIY

Keruft-Mini E Series: Enjoy the Fun of DIY

As a kind of new clean energy, solar panel is playing an important role in the global energy industry. If you think solar panel just be helpful to save your energy, the idea is definitely wrong. SOLARPARTS Keruft-Mini E Series solar panel can bring you another application of solar panel.

Keruft-Mini E Series solar panel is perfect for your solar projects. It is the ideal mini power cells for science projects and other electronic applications. Their compact size make them suitable for a wide range of projects including creating solar walkways, lamp repairs, solar LED displays, or to work a motor in self powered models and portable toys. You also can DIY your own smart model freely; The high-quality epoxy resin and unique process can effectively prolong the service life of solar panels. Let`s review the remarkable features of Keruft-Mini E Series solar panel.



  • Mini Size

Keruft-Mini E Series solar panel`s manufacture process makes the bright surface with good light transmittance and small size. It can be put into a wallet or a small portable bag, is very convenient to carry.


  • High  Quality
Keruft-Mini E Series solar panels use high-  quality epoxy resin, the unique process makes the components beautiful and strong, with good impact resistance and weather resistance, can effectively prolonging the service life of solar panels.


  • Special-designed

Keruft-Mini E Series solar panel can be used to build your own powered models, solar toys, solar lights, solar displays and charging small DC batteries. It can be used for teaching purposes. Many of our customers come from school, college, etc.Solar panels are devices that convert light energy into electricity and are ideal for scientific projects.

Keruft_Mini E Series solar panels are applicable to all kinds of small power appliances. Such as emergency lights, advertisement lamps, traffic lights, household lights, electric fans, solar water pumps and solar street lamps, etc. Don`t wait, come to experience the fun of DIY soon!

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