What You Need to Know about Solar Panel Maintenance

Investing in solar panels is one of the most effective eco-conscious decisions you can make for your home or business. They typically require little maintenance, allowing you to reap their rewards for at least two decades before potential replacement. However, taking minor steps can ensure they continue to run as smoothly as when you first purchased them. Therefore, SOLARPARTS will provide a few tips on how to maintain your solar panel system.

What`s the difference between ground mounted panels and roof mounted panels?

Ground mounted panels are obviously solar panels stationed on the ground, and roof mounted panels are placed on the roof, but does maintenance differ for each? The main difference is that ground mounted solar panels are much easier to access and clean. It’s more efficient and safer to sweep snow and debris off of ground mounted panels than roof mounted panels throughout seasons or after storms. It’s also easier to notice when something needs to be removed; and safer to do cleaning work on the ground than on top of your home or business.

How do you maintain solar panels?

You can find details of this requirement in your warranty information. Solar panel maintenance isn’t complex but your panels do require periodic cleaning to remove dirt and debris caused by certain weather conditions, such as storms or on particularly windy days. In some areas, keeping packed snow off of your solar panel system is essential to getting the most power out of them. 

How often do solar panels need maintenance?

Solar panels should receive maintenance or cleaning four times per year. When you begin seeing a significant buildup of dirt, debris, or snow, it’s time to clean. 

How much does solar panel maintenance cost?

Solar panel maintenance is essential to maintaining the efficiency of the panel which maintains your energy production numbers. Based on the size of your system, the location, and amount of debris, the cost to clean your solar panel system will vary. 

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