Versatile Uses of Home`s Ground-mounted Solar Panels

Most people who buy solar panels have them mounted directly to their roofing. This is often a good place because it provides excellent sun exposure. And roof-borne panels don’t interfere with the lawn or property. However, you might find installing panels on your roof impossible. In this case, ground-mounted solar panels are perfectly viable, and they can efficiently serve dual purposes. Here are a few versatile uses you might consider.

Poolside awning

Pools are great places to install arrays because they generally have access to unimpeded sunlight. While it can be fun to spend your summers out in the warmth, direct ultraviolet exposure can be uncomfortable and hazardous. Instead of a clumsy umbrella, use your energy arrangement to block the Sun in an area several meters from your pool.

Exercise Area

Exercising inside can be dull and repetitious. There’s just something about being outdoors that makes it easier to stomach a challenging workout. However, high summer temperatures can make it virtually impossible to exercise outdoors from noon until early evening in many places. A shaded exercise area blocks rain and sunlight, leaving you free to do your workout in comfort. Add a treadmill, yoga mat, or bike to level up your exercise routine.                                

solar panel

Shaded plant sanctuary

Not all plants require intense, direct sunlight. Many, especially those most suitable for home gardens, thrive in the shade. If your front yard is far enough from your house that it doesn’t get enough shade, consider using your ground-mounted solar panels to create the shade you need. Since you can always angle your system away from the street, this setup can look nice to drivers or pedestrians.

Porch extension

Have you ever wished you could extend your porch area so more people could enjoy it? Do you lack a porch and wish you had one? While turning your solar system into a serious covering can cost a little extra, it’s well worth it. A porch adds enjoyment to your home and can serve as a place to gather the whole family or hang out on days off.

Makeshift garage

Whether you don’t have a garage or filled yours with too much stuff, it’s always good to shield your vehicles from rain, snow, and other inclement weather. A makeshift garage with ground-mounted solar panels may sound like a complicated and expensive undertaking. Still, compared to the cost of adding a whole new section to your house, you’re saving money.

Pet House

In some area, dogs evolved in freezing climates. Most breeds, therefore, become highly uncomfortable in extreme heat. But other breeds have become somewhat pampered by the domestication process and may have developed an aversion to rain or snow. An array can act as a convenient weather shield. Because light-energy systems are angled, your pet can choose exactly how far they want to nestle into your dual-purpose shelter. This arrangement works exceptionally well with an invisible fence and can let you devote your mental energy to matters other than pet care.

As with everything in life, ground systems have a few disadvantages. For most customers, the most important is cost. While installing a mount directly on your lawn can be reasonably cheap, even the most affordable ground setups are more complex and require more parts than roof arrays. Of course, more creative and elaborate projects cost more money. The logistics of permitting and wiring your ground array can be complicated. Depending on where you live and how far from your home you want to place your array, your plan may or may not be feasible.                             

solar panel for RV

Before you purchase or begin any construction, check that your plan complies with local zoning regulations. Using ground-mounted solar panels to your advantage is a great way to support the environment while optimizing your home. When you’ve completed your project, you’ll feel that you’ve done something good for your family and the planet. If you have any questions, give us call today

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