Lithium Batteries

1.Lithium Batteries
Solar side lithium batteries can supply lamps, small TVs and other standard 12VDC appliances up to 60W. The built in management system ensures optimized operation of a long life lifePO4 battery.

High intrinsic safety
Can be charged quickly
Universally applicable
2000 cycles with 100% discharge
Wide temperature range -30 to +60℃
1/3 weight compared with lead batteries
Protection circuitry

2.Gel Batteries
These gel batteries are embedded in stable streel compartments for safe transport and installation.
Cells are completely pre-wired. The tubular plate architecture results in high cycle life and long calendar life.

High acid density of 1.29kg/Itr. results in a high energy density.
2000cycles at DOD 60%
Temperature range -10…50℃